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Cork Rubber Flooring

cork rubber flooring
    rubber flooring
  • Today rubber flooring - tiles and sheet goods - is made from synthetic rubber. It comes in ribbed, coin and other raised patterns.
  • The buoyant, light brown substance obtained from the outer layer of the bark of the cork oak
  • A piece of cork used as a float for a fishing line or net
  • phellem: (botany) outer tissue of bark; a protective layer of dead cells
  • close a bottle with a cork
  • A bottle stopper, esp. one made of cork
  • outer bark of the cork oak; used for stoppers for bottles etc.
cork rubber flooring - Polyurethane Floor
Polyurethane Floor Adhesive for Rollout Rubber Flo
Polyurethane Floor Adhesive for Rollout Rubber Flo
CX-941 is a one-component polyurethane-based, structural, trowel grade industrial grade adhesive Elastomeric properties enable it to move with rubber as it expands and contracts The patented formula is VOC compliant, non-flammable, and contains no solvents or water It is formulated for indoor and outdoor applications on concrete, asphalt, rubber, cork, plywood, particle or chip board, cement, gypsum underlayment, and over radiant heat flooring When lightly misted with water, drying time is accelerated and will fully bond in just over two hours Light Brown color; Coverage per gallon is 60-65 square feet

76% (18)
Studio A
Studio A
very cool space designed by Les Paul. No right angles in the walls, floor floats on like 6 inches of rubber and 2 inches of cork. They had on display the piano that Nat King Cole played in there, a Billy Preston signed Hammond Organ, some priceless microphones from the 50's that are still used today. Very interesting presentation and a demonstration of the signature reverb effects from the echo chambers built 30 feet below the parking lot behind this wall.
1953 Edward Wormley Living Room
1953 Edward Wormley Living Room
This ad appeared in American Home for a U.S. Rubber Company product called Koylon. It was the rubber cushion material ... very "buoyant" if the manufacturer was to be believed. The floor appears to be large cork tiles.

cork rubber flooring
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