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1978 Shovelhead FXE

Harley-Davidson 1978 - FXE



 "Indecision" 1978 FXE

  Restored 1978 FXE Shovel

I finally scrapped up enough money for a Harley, after looking for several month, most Harley's were still out of reach for my budget. How the universe works, when you wish hard enough, eat, sleep and drink Harley, you too can get what you want. 
Spending day after day on the local classifieds called there she was, my first Harley and it had a name, "Indecsion". I made a call and talked with a man on the other end we made arrangements to meet and have a look at my future new Harley. I made a call to my Harley Mechanic and Uncle, "Stubs" who was more that willing to leave the shop and inspect this machine. Rage and I jumped in his truck and headed to the Big City, destination, Stub's shop. Upon arrival it was like a new high because I just knew this was ment to be mine. We all just stood back and looked her over, inspecting every inch of her as if she was a woman at a brothel. Checking out her lines but most of all looking for some flaws. Talking with her former owner, a member of a local motorcycle club, he told us everything we wanted to know about his Harley. We found out she had been rode hard and put away wet, the only way an old shovelhead should be treated. It had some hard miles, seen many rallys and its fair share of excitment. If this bike could type, this webpage would have some stories to tell, way more interesting that mine. The owner then jumped on her and started kicking the shit out of her, don't panic, this was the only way at the time to bring her to life. After several kicks and a few choice words all the sudden one shovelhead roared to life. It was such a great sound to hear her, like a doctor slapping a baby on the ass and you hear the first cry, the best sound in the world. After she warmed for a minute, the owner told me to take her. The smile on my face could be seen in the back of my head if you were looking from behind. Now, there is nothing like the feeling of an Super Glide. They are very nimble to handle, great to handle and a monster when it comes to power. There very little weight to power ratio, so this thing will really scoot. Not as great as the new 96 with a 6 speed but for its time this was one kick ass Harley. That's why this Harley is for sale, the owner just purchased an brand new Street Bob with the above mentioned powerhouse combo. This ride, a great one, turned into a "I have got to get this bike" moment. Stubs took her next, then gave his approval, great bike for the price. I made an attempt to talk the owner down but failed miserably, he could see on my face I would pay the asking price, he would not budge. We then discussed how many miles and some other details about the bike. I then called my insurance company and paid the man his asking price. And I was off to the local department of transportation to aquire the proper tags to get her home.
Would'nt you know it, time had ran out before we could get to the new tags, so it was decided to ride her anyway, there was noway I was leaving her anywhere but in my driveway at home. With Rage right behind me we made it to his house, then I was off on another 60 mile ride home, insured but with no tags. Dad was in the area so he traveled behind me runing as my blocker. The stars were aligned because I made it home only to be pulled over after she was in the driveway, I was on my way to work in my car!
I rode her just as she was, needing a rebuild, smoking a little for the rest of the summer. I put at least 20K miles on it, attended my first rally the Smoke out West 2 and worked on her as I went. Repaired the starter so I did'nt have to kick her, only when I wanted to look cool. Put lots of oil in, new tires, bearing and brakes. Someone told me at the Smoke out West and he yelled it "Ride it Like you Stole it" so I did.
Winter came and it was time, I ripped her down to the bone, she was used hard, most parts are worn but they hung in there like a stripper on a pole on monday night. I worked her over, new top end rebuild, new paint and topped her off with a large set of 18" apes to give her a larger than life look. The funny thing about the whole project was to see how much Rage and I think alike, after only talking about our builds over the winter, we joined up for the first ride with both builds, just how much they looked like brothers. Both bikes have most of the same features and look, we are actually brothers and we have much the same taste, two brother on two awsome Harley!--DT