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Harley-Davidson FXST

1999 FXST


1999 Harley-Davidson FXST - $7,000
Price, Utah
Matte Black with blonde cases, whitewalls, apes, tail draggier rear fender and loud Supper Trapp pipes what more do you want? 32K miles, has detachable windshield, leather bags, sissy bar, 2 up seat. Also included are the stock pipes, drag bars, extra flame painted tank and front fender, extra rear fender and some other stuff. One bike that can be two different styles, your choice, just change parts. Contact 

Click to see larger Picture
Click to see larger Picture

 "Gleamer" 1999 FXST

 Transformed 1999 FXST

 The 1999 FXST "Gleamer" was purchased for around $9K (most expensive build so far) from a local classified website,, and has been a great place to find good quality used motorcycles and choppers. With bad economic times, KSL classifieds has a great selection of good used motorcycles, choppers and even "basket cases", a must have if your thinking of your Cheapass Chopper build. That being said the 1999 Harley-Davidson FXST came semi-custom to the previous owners design, a pro-street style, with pull back style drag bars, custom logo and flames on the tank. It was, for the most part a complete ready to ride machine and performed very well. The new owner, Rage, decided after being razzed about owning a 'Gleaming Chrome" motorcycle he decided to change this bike to his own style. So the build was on with the following ideas in mind:

    Looks and Style: Minimalist Hardcore ;
  • Must have Ape Hangers
  • New Loud as Hell Pipes
  • Rear duckbill fender Sucks!
  • Flat black Paint job
    Mechanical: Stock;
  • Needs Carb Rebuild
  • Turn Signal Flashers Not Functioning
  Rage started by shopping the normal parts houses (click here) in a quest to find his desired look and style. Parts where gathered from all over, while waiting for the lift to become free at the Cheapass shop. So you know, that is the part of any build that takes the most time, getting your style and gathering your parts is very time comuming and expensive. Remember the motto "HD (Harley-Davidson) stand for hundred dollars, in everytime you want something for your machine it is, more times than not, going to cost you a hundred bucks.

   The bike was on the lift for about two weeks, to install the following parts;

  • New Black powder coated 18" Apehangers.
  • All new handlebar wiring
  • Front Brake extensions
  • Super Trap Exhaust System
  • Rebuild CV carb
  • Mock up rear fender, ebay find off a Heritage
  • Tail Light system rewire.
  • Send front fender, rear, tank off to paint

As you can see from the photo's, we just added some style of his own, collected a few bolt on parts, grabbed a wrench and got after it. Personally I think this machine turned out better than I thought it would. It has a backstreet build style, minimual look and performs like a dream. Besides the ride of this machine is like no other, big, tall and badass. 

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