What is Cheap Ass Choppers?


 You don't have to spend $20K to have a nice bike, I have built some very good rides with a low as a $1000 budget. With a little luck, some hard work you to can fly down the street making so much noise that the neighbors will hate you. This site is dedicated the Back Street Chopper builder in all of us, blue collar working man's cheap ass chopper.

Disclaimer: Ok dipshit remember you can kill yourself if you don't use some plain ass common sense. So don't be a dumb ass. Anyone of average intelligence, with some mechanical ability, and not afraid to get their hands dirty can perform most of the procedures contained within. In some cases, a job my require tools or skills not reasonably expected of the home mechanic. The procedures should not be done by you the home mechanic and it is recommended that you take the job to a dealer, competent mechanic or machine shop! Do the job right and get help when you in over your head.