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CHUC: Our Beginnings

About CHUC

During 2007, CHUC:

  1. Hosted a successful “Summer Solutions” Fair to connect CH residents with the programs and services in their area.
  2. Partnered with the Damon Allen Foundation in supporting the Damon Allen Day of Unity, an all-day event to engage the community and honor victims of gun violence.
  3. Reached out to dozens of community organizations and institutions and hundreds of residents.
  4. Sustained ongoing regular meetings of 10-25 active members, through which the goals and activities of the CHUC have been defined.

At our final meeting before the 2007 summer break, the Coalition decided its goal would be to prevent and reduce violence in Crown Heights. Members discussed the unique role that the CHUC could play to take advantage of the fact that its members have ties to both community residents (including youth) and to established community organizations and institutions. The CHUC also reviewed the responses of community members, collected through surveys, to understand what actions could be taken to prevent and reduce violence. Based on these responses, CHUC considered focusing on the following two areas:

  1. Connect youth who are most at-risk of being involved with violence, or who are already involved with violence, with the programs and services available to help them get on a better path.
  2. Work to improve relations between the community and police, increasing understanding and collaboration between them.

Our first step in this direction was to sponsor a community wide letter writing campaign: Crown Heights Writes to bring attention to the need for more police presence in Crown Heights. On December 28th 2007, 38 freshly graduated recruits were assigned to the 77th Precinct and an impact zone was established from Kingston to Franklin between Eastern Parkway and Atlantic.