Google group

All bee club members can post notices to our google group by sending an email to

The group are private to members but past messages "may" be available if you logon to google groups. If you email the committee we can search the group and give you any information required.

There are 5 options for group email:

* Receive individuals emails as they happen.

* Summary email at most once per day

* One email at most once per day which only contain links

* No emails, but you have access to the past email via Google Groups

* Not a member of groups

Email to change you option.

Some people send a number of emails back and forth over the group that were not meant for the whole group, I would like to remind everyone email policy regarding this.

If you are sending an email to one person, please do not send it out to the whole group. Most emails requiring a personal response include a personal email address or telephone number. I will reject email that is clearly not appropriate for the whole group. Please don't be hurt when your message is rejected, figure out why it may have been rejected. Fix it and resend. Also understand that you can always contact me via email or phone if you have any questions.

Also please edit the subject line if it is not relative to your message.

Attachments are not permitted.

If logos are unobtrusive and small they may be accepted.

If you have a service then you are allowed to make people aware of it - if and only if I see its a good service to our members and it is not advertising.

Advertising businesses is not permitted.

The group is manage by a volunteer. Some email may be sent that don't conform to the policy. Volunteers go on holiday and sometime can't censor all emails. Don't bother complaining about the way this policy is applied because the person put in charge of the email system by the committee has the power apply exceptions or other policies as he/she feel necessary to protect members and create a wholesome group environment.