Club Events

50th Anniversary Dinner

As well as field days, the Club generally has at least one off site field trip per year. In June, instead of a field day a video evening is held. The AGM in early August is followed by a guest speaker, and a honey competition with an invited honey judge, followed by supper. The December field day is followed by a BBQ. The field day in May is preceded by a working bee and BBQ. At various times of the year the Club attempts to make paraffin dipping facilities available.

The club also has a booth at the yearly A&P show each November. Contact club committee members if you would like to volunteer for a day of booth duty - it's a real buzz!

Members periodically take a bee display to school groups. Again, if you would like to do this, or have a school group that would like to have a visit, contact our club.

At various times in the year, some club members run training classes on setting up hives, etc. These are posted in the calendar where they are marked as either being club events or events run by other organizations.

Members attend the annual NBA and Federated Farmers AGMs.

Photos below show Jeff Robinson presenting a talk and on the right, a picture of the skep used to cheer up children who have worries about bees! Below is a picture of a candle making demonstration and Jeff Chandler demonstrating how to light a smoker.