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Please read our guidelines below. I know this can be a bit tedious but, from our experience, if you can present your work in standard format, it shows a commitment on your behalf. Humour us!



Not just the storyline, but make us want to read the book. If we don’t want to, do you think others will? Obviously we can help with strap-lines and sales pitches, but please make your synopsis concise and communicative. (Wow, that’s a big word for a Friday!)


  • Word count,
  • Genre
  • Target audience - who is going to want to read this. The more specific the better.

First 3 chapters

No point in starting at chapter 2 now. In truth, most people get a feel for a book in the first 10 pages, but we promise we will read all that you send. Unless, of course, your chapters drag on and on!

Don’t have chapters? Well, some books don’t. Try and keep the submission to 7-10,000 words long. If we like it, we will ask for more so don’t worry that some of your best prose is maybe further in.

One document

Please put everything into one document, it keeps it all nicely filed at our end. Add page numbers in the footer and page breaks between chapters. Come on, you know all this stuff, right? Been here before, haven’t we?