As a young company, we are on the look out for new clients, offering some extremely attractive deals.

New Clients?


1 lucky client this month is going to benefit from a FREE trailer for one of their books.

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Some of our current Clients:

  • Pat O'Driscoll - Pat has recently published his debut novel with us. Called GETTING HARD! it made it into the top 100 humour charts in its first week. we are now working on a full promotional campaign to coincide with the release of his second novel, due out in mid May.
  • Andy Frazier - Having now published 12 titles, Andy is working on another novel in the Princess series due out in the Autumn. We are currently working on a trailer for his aclaimed novel About a Cow.
  • Dr Juan - Hillarious as ever, Dr Juan is just delivering us a new manuscript. I am sure it will have a filthy title as usual but be packed with hilarity and ridicule.
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