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In 1984, a group of carvers from the Chattanooga area gathered together to form the Chattanooga Woodcarvers Association (CWA).  Their purpose, as it stilll is today, was to promote, practice and preserve the art and craft of woodcarving among all woodcarvers, from the beginner to the professional.  The group meets twice monthly to offer its memebers educational programs, as well as to promote interaction among woodcarvers from the greater Chattanooga area.  We do not operate for profit and do not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, race or handicap.


The CWA meets twice a month for a short business meeting and carving session. Click here for dates and times.  These sessions are an opportunity for members to work as a group or individually on works in progress, with the experienced carvers helping the novice and beginners.  At certain times throughout the year specific projects are selected and undertaken by the group as a whole.  In the recent past, group carving session projects have included walking sticks, gnome figures, caricatures, faces, etc.  We promote all types of woodcarving; song bird and shore bird, animals, fish, chip carving, relief, mantels, as well as comical and realistic figures and faces.


All members receive a bi-monthly newsletter that advises them of upcoming programs, and club news.  The newsletter features a trading section where members may offer woodcarving items for sale or trade, reproduction of patterns, and articles written by club members.  The newletter also includes information about upcoming shows, schools, and workshops in the southeastern region.


Books, video tapes, and patterns may be checked out at each meeting.  The library is regularly updated and expanded to provide members with the latest information available on techniques and projects in woodcarving.

Membership Fees

Annual membership dues are $25.00 for the family.

National Eligibility

Members are eligible for membership to the National Woodcarvers Association. With this membership comes the national publication of Chip Chats magazine.

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The Chattanooga Carver  Newsletter
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