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As a tightly knit community, CISVers use many terms internal to the organization. For example, "the JC from my village is planning the SRMC this year in Jacksonville." This page is intended to ease the learning curve.

If you would like to add a term or definition, please make a suggestion.


A/JCAF - Adult Delegate / Junior Counsellor Application Form1
ALIF - Adult Legal Insurance Form1
Allen, Doris - Psychologist at the University of Cincinnati. Founded CISV in 1950.

APVE - Adult Post Village Evaluation Form1
AR - Adult Reference Form1
ARC - America's Regional Conference
ARM - America's Regional Meeting

CAF - Child Application Form1
Chapter - Local CISV club or association. Canada currently has 10 Chapters.
CISV - Children's International Summer Villages. The official name and abbreviation of the organization.
Conflict - n. 1. armed fighting, a war || a struggle between opposing principles or aims || a clash of feelings or interests || such a clash as a source of dramatic actions 2. v.i. to be at variance, clash || to struggle, contend 4
Cookie-a-thon - An overnight event of games, activities, and baking cookies. Cookies are then donated to local charities.
CPVE - Child's Post Village Evaluation Form1
Culture - n. the training and development of the mind || the refinement of taste and manners acquired by such training || the social and religious structures and intellectual and artistic manifestations etc. that characterize a society || 4
Culture Shock - the traumatic effect of disorientation caused by a major change in milieu experienced by new inhabitants (e.g. by Peace Corps, personnel, refugees, missionaries) and sometimes by their hosts (via an invasion) 4
CYMT - Committee Youth Meeting Trustee (plans & runs Youth Board Meeting at the USA National Board Meeting)

CYT - Committee Youth Trustee (represents the Youth in the Adult Board of Trustees Meeting at the USA National Board Meeting)

CYTE - Committee Youth Trustee Elect (shadows the Committee Youth Trustee to learn how to represent the Youth in the Adult Board of Trustees Meeting at the USA National Board Meeting)

D/JCTI - Delegation / JC Travel Information Form1
DIF - Delegation Information Form1

EDR - International Educational Development and Research Committee2 

Ethnocentrism - n. the tendency to regard one's own group and culture as intrinsically superior to all others4

Freedom - n. enjoyment of personal liberty, of not being a slave nor a prisoner || the enjoymenht of civil rights (freedom of speech, freedom of assembly etc.) generally associated with constitutional government || the state of not being subject to determining forces || liberty in acting and choosing || immunity to or release from obligatoins, undesirable states of being etc., freedom from taxation, freedom from fear || 4
Football Pool - The procedure used for the distribution of program invitations


HF - Health Form1
HS - Host Staff. Adults over the age of 21 years placed in the village by the Hosting Chapter to direct, guide, facilitate, and administer the Village Program1

IBM - International Board Meeting. Annual meeting of CISV's international board. The IBM is held every year in the beginning of August. Participants attend from all CISV nations. 1999 Rio De Janeiro, Brasil; 2000 Graz, Austria; 2001 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (50th Anniversary of CISV).
IC - see Interchange
IEC - International Executive Committee2
IEP - International Election Committee2
IFC - International Finance Committee2
IIC - International Interchange Committee2
IJBC - International Junior Branch Conference (held before each IBM and coordinated by IJR's and IBM host)2
IJR - International Junior Representatives. International Board Members elected by CISV Junior Branch members worldwide2
ILT - International Leadership Training2
Info File - Official record of all CISV International rules, policies, guides, job descriptions, and minutes2
Interchange - (IC). An exchange program between two countries for the youth at the age of 12 to 15. The size of the delegation is ten people. The delegation will travel to the destination country and will live together with local CISV-families. A visit will last two (both visits will be made in one summer) or four weeks (one visit per year; the program will last two years). After this the delegation will return and bring a delegation from destination country.
IO - International Office in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
IPP - International Peoples Project
ISC - International Summer Camps2
IVC - International Village Committee1
IVE - In Village Evaluation Form1
IYM - International Youth Meeting2

JB - see Junior Branch
JC - Junior Counsellor, one of six 16-17 year old leaders in a village.
Junior Branch - (JB), local program for young people between the ages of 10-25.
Justice - n. behaviour to oneself or to another which is strictly in accord with currently accepted ethical law or as decreed by legal authority || 4

LA - Local Association3
Leader - an adult over the age of 21 responsible for the preparation and safety of the delegates, the content and evaluation of the program
LIC - Local Interchange Coordinator / Chair / Committee<SUP3< sup>
LLT - Local Leadership Trainer3
LMO - Like Minded Organizations (international, regional, national groups with purposes similar to CISV)2
Local Work - Includes all the activities of the local chapter, mini-camps, events etc. Local work creates the basis for attending to international programs.
LT - Leadership Trainer3
LW - see Local Work
LWC - International Local Work Committee2


Matchbox - An interchange-form for getting a program with (for example) a specified country
Mini-Camp - A weekend retreat for Junior Branch members of all ages.
MWM - Mid Way Meeting of IEC (when IEC acts for the Board between meetings)2

NA - see National Association
National Association - (NA). (Category A and B CISV International Affiliates - see Step In) For example all Canadian chapters belong to Canada's National Association.2
NBM - National Board Meeting. For example in Canada all trustees from the boards of national association and all chapters participate in NBM which is usually arranged in fall. 1999 Victoria, BC, 2000, 2001
NC - Nordic Conference. A meeting for the Nordic CISV-people, arranged in spring. Participants come from all chapters in Scandinavia.
NCM - Nordic Contact Meeting. A meeting for the Nordic contactpeople, arranged in fall.
NIC - National Interchange Chair / Committee3
NJR - National Junior Representatives. Canada has a Junior and a Senior National Junior Rep.
NLT - National Leadership Training3

Peace - n. the condition that exists when nations or other groups are not fighting || the ending of a state of war || the treaty that marks the end of war || friendly relations between individuals, untroubled by disputes4
PPC - International Publications and Publicity Committee2
Prejudice - n. a preconceived opinion, usually unfavourable || the holding of such an opinion || an unjustified and unreasonable bias4
Program - ie: Village, Summer Camp, Seminar Camp, IPP, etc.

Racism - n. the assumption that the characteristics and abilities of an individual are determined by race and that one race is biologically superior to another || a political program or social system based on these assumptions, racist n. and adj.4

SBM - Spring Board Meeting3
SC - see Summer Camp
SCC - International Seminar Camp Committee2
Selection - the process by which appropriate candidates are chosen to become delegates in a CISV program. Se-lect (silékt) v.t. to take (something or someone preferred, most suitable etc.) from among a number.
SemC - see Seminar Camp3
Seminar Camp - A camp consists about 30 youngsters at the age of 17-18 years. During three weeks the participants will go through the program they have planned by themselves. The main idea is the same than in the villages but the methods are more analyzing.

SRMC - Mini-camp held each year for the southeastern chapters

Staff - All adults in the village (Host Staff, Adult Delegates, Junior Counsellors)1
Step-In - Chart of official requirements, fees, status, invitations for all CISV International Affiliates2
Summer Camp - An international summer camp for the age groups of 13 to 15 years.


Trustee - A trustee of the CISV's international board (one from every CISV-country).

TWAL - Travel Without A Leader Form1


VDR - Village Director Report Form1
VIL - see Village
Village - A camp lasts four weeks. There will be a delegation of five people from 10-12 different countries. Every delegation will consist of four eleven years old children: two girls and two boys, and over 21 years old leader. A month will be spent by getting to know new friends, playing and learning new things.

Xenophobia - n. fear or dislike of strangers or foreigners [fr. Gk xenos, stranger, foreigner + phobos, fear]

YLIF - Youth Legal Insurance Form1

*NOTE: generally, the prefix 'L' stands for Local; 'N' for National; and 'I' for International. The suffix 'C', depending on context, stands for Co-ordinator, Chair, Committee, or in some cases, Camp.

1 CISV Abbreviations taken From International Village Guide
2 CISV Slang Dictionary taken from form IBM-94-CSD DOC 05-1
3 Glossary of Terms by Heinz Boehnke, CISV Waterloo Chapter, Dec. 1998
4 New Websters Dictionary and Thesaurus of the English Language

Many thanks to CISV Waterloo for many of these entries.