Spanish-American War

 The blue names have clickable links and will take you to that person's obituary, biography or picture.

  1.  Bangs, Frank H.     Honor Roll    Vet Record    Story    Troop K   Burial Record   Memorial  Obit
  2.  Brown, R. Finley    Vet Record    Troop K    Headstone
  3.  Chittum, James W.    Vet Record    Troop K
  4.  Donahue, Joseph M.    Vet Record    Troop K    Obit & Headstone
  5.  Megquier, George F.    Honor Roll    Story     Burial Record    Headstone
  6.  Pepperdine, William J.    Plaindealer Article    Memorial & Headstone
  7.  Speer, Charles M.    Vet Record    Troop K    Enlistment Record    Honor Roll
  8.  Speicher, Frank  Army & Navy      Story   Memorial

Additional Sources : Adjutant Generals ReportRecord of Services of Illinois Soldiers in the Black Hawk War,Vol.9; Various Chatsworth Plaindealers listing those who served