Our Men and Women in the Wars

Our Men and Women in the Wars

The men listed here were either born here, lived here or died and are buried at
Chatsworth, Charlotte or Germanville, Livingston County, Illinois. 
The list in each file is in alphabetical order.
Some names are listed in more than one war.
Sources: Personal Obituaries
              Personal Biographies
              Personal Emails
              Chatsworth Plaindealer Microfilm
              Handwritten Records of Myrtle Entwistle
              Scrapbook by Helen Franey
Websites: Chatsworth Illinois Memories
               U.S. Cemetery Project
               Illinois In The Civil War -IlGenWeb Project
               Illinois Civil War Muster and Rolls
               United States General Index of Pension Files 1861-1934
               National Park Service-The Civil War
               Family Search-Illinois in the Civil War
Books: Livingston County in the World War
           Livingston County History 1878
           History of Chatsworth Illinois-L.J. Haberkorn
           Sands of Time-Helen Louise Plaster Stoutemyer
           Chatsworth Area Centennial-1967
           List of Pensioners Roll on January 1, 1883
           Adjutant Generals Report-State of Illinois 
These lists are not completed in full and I will add new names as I find them.
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1861 - 1865
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Bay of Pigs Invasion
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