1887 Tidbits











MCCABE & TRAUB  clothing store

H.ROSENTHAL  clothing and dry goods, I.ROSENTHAL, manager

H.M. WILLIS  dealer in whiskies, wines, cigar, beer etc.

F.. GEORGIE  proprietor, THE STAR BARBER SHOP, one door east of the town hall.

C. GUNTHER  dealer and manufactures of harness, saddles,etc. and repair.

THOS.S. CURRAN  police magistrate and collecting agent

ROBERT RUMBOLD  general insurance agent

SANFORD & BROBST  furniture, also coffins and burial cases

B.D. VAUGHN  physician and surgeon, office over E.A. BANGS store. East drug store.

DR. BYINGTON  office first door north of E.A. BANGS drug store.

DR. GREGORY  physician and surgeon (successor to DR. TRUE), office over H.M. BANGS store. 

DR. F.A. NICHOLS  physician and surgeon, office over E.A.BANGS store.

O.H. BRIGHAM  dentist, office over H.M.BANGS drug store.

SAMUEL FOSDICK  attorney and councelor at law.

I. HICKMAN  agent for M.HICKMAN , tavern.


C. HEPPE  tavern.

P.L. COOK AND SONS  groceries, tinware, hardware, son is B.A. COOK.

JOHN BROWN'S  tavern.

HIRAM ROYAL  carpenter and builder, shop east of I.C. RY. depot, formerly used by D. BROBST

M. REISING  groceries and provisions, included a millinery department.

THOS. ENTWISTLE  contractor and builder, shop south of T.P. & W. RY. depot.

F.R. BECKMAN  practical machinist, blacksmithing and horseshoing, had wood and iron turning lathes to make machine work.

J.W. ORR  painter and decorator.


HENRY WREDE  shoe store.

E.A. JACKSON  stoves, ranges, hardware, tinware, pumps and roofing and tinwork.

J.F. STANFORD  agricultural store, farm implements,pumps, wind-mills, buggies and farm wagons.

JOHN WALTER  dry goods, groceries, clothing.


A. MADISON  livery stable, also feed and sale of horses.

CHAS. GUMBEL  jeweler.


MRS.ESTY went to Kankakee Tuesday. 

MR.J.B. TRASK has been in Chicago this week. 

MR. JOHN L. TURPITT left Tuesday for York, Neb. 

CAPT.H.P. TURNER was in Peoria on business Tuesday. 

MR. JOS. GUEST and family moved to Fairbury Tuesday. 

MR. PHI. MORGAN, of Strawn, was in our city Thursday. 

MISS GRACE WATSON visited friends in Melvin over Sunday.  

MR.L.J. HABERKORN visited the city of Cullom last Monday. 

MR. HOMER GUY made a business trip to Pontiac Wednesday. 

MR. FRED SERIVENS, of Pontiac, is assisting in BEACH BROS. store here. 

MISS MAGGIE BROSNAHAN enjoyed a visit with Piper City friends this week. 

MRS. JAS. PIPER visited her son, GEORGE, and family in Forrest a few days this week.  

ELDER EVANS, of Onarga, visited with REV. BIRCH and family last week. 

MR. OWEN MURTAUGH, of Cullom, was the guest of MR. P.L. COOK and family Wednesday. 

MR.W.S. KITTENGER, Cullom's genial station agent, was in our city last Saturday evening. 

MR.H.M. WILLIS, of Pontiac, was attending to his business interests in this city Monday. 

MISS JULIA HEMSTEAD, of Fairbury, visited with the MISSES ALLIE and ANNA RUMBOLD this week.  

MISS BESSIE LARNED returned last Tuesday from a several weeks visit with her sisters in Colfax. 

CHESTER and RAY ALLEN left Monday night for Hennepin, where their mother is visiting friends. 

MR. and MRS. ISAAC B??CE and two children spent Sunday and Monday with friends in Pontiac.  

MRS. MAPLES and MASTER ROBT. SHROYER, of Pontiac, are guests at the residence of MRS. P. SHROYER. 

MASTER BERTIE FOWLER, formerly of Chatsworth, now of Cullom, visited his old friends here Wednesday.  

MRS. CHAS. TRUE, of Kankakee, formerly of this city, visited her many friends here a few days this week. 

DR.C.R. HOADLEY, of Fairbury, was a guest at the residence of MR. and MRS.E.A. BANGS a few days this week. 

GEORGE ARMBRUSTER, who has spent most of the summer in this vicinity, returned to his home in Ohio Monday. 

MASTER JOS. VERKLER, of Fairbury, visited with his uncle, MR.F.M. GEORGE, of this city, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

MRS. KOESTNER and children and MRS. HOLMES, of Melvin, visited at MR. JOS. WATSON'S home a short time Tuesday.  

DR.C.B. ELMWOOD, of White Water, Wisconsin, visited with his friend, DR.B.D. VAUGHN, of this city, this week. 

MR. and MRS. FRANK WALLRICHS and son and MIES PARSONS, of Piper City, attended the entertainment last Friday evening. 

MESSRS. WM. ROYAL and THOS. ANDERSON left Wednesday for Hope, Dak.  They probably go in search of a cooler climate.  

MR.I. ROSENTHAL visited in Piper City this week and was accompanied home by his brother, JOHN, who visited here Wednesday. 

MISS LENA RIESS returned home from Pontiac, where she has been attending institute, after a short visit with friends in Kempton. 

MISS LULU VERKLER, who has been visiting with her uncle, MR.F.M. GEORGIE, and family,returned to her home in Fairbury, Wednesday. 

MR. DAVIDSON, editor of the Eureka Journal, called upon us yesterday and reported five people from that city killed in the wreck.  




  The entertainment given at the Town Hall last Friday evening by the CHATSWORTH DRAMATIC COMPANY, for the benefit of MEMORIAL HALL, was a decided success.  The drama presented was  "Under The Laurels", or "Nipped In the Bud", and every part was well carried.  MR. L.J. HABERKORN made an extremely good scheming widower of forty summers, and MISS SARAH DORSEY, as "Mrs. Milfred", was all that could be desired, and her faith in the widower, Mr. "Bradford" was unbounded.  The parts of "Rose Milfred" and "Frank Hayward" were admirably rendered by MRS. L.J. HABERKORN and MR. WILL ROYAL.  That despicable "Bob Button", T.P. LISTON, carried his part to perfection, and "Sooky Button"'s character was equally well carried by MISS PHEBE SPIECHER.  "Polly Dowler", MISS MAGGIE COUGHLIN, and "Ike Hopper", FRANK SPIECHER, proved equal to every emergency and when danger was thickest were happiest.  HENRY MILLER, as "Zeke", a negro servant, was excellent, and WM. WALTER, as Mr. "Blake, the sheriff, made the authority placed in him very keenly felt.  The whole drama was well given and the refreshments, which were served in the lower room of the hall, were also much enjoyed.  The receipts of the evening's entertainment, $57.45, with those of the previous evening, $66.80, will be used for refurnishing and repairing Memorial Hall. 




At a meeting held in their room Tuesday evening, Aug.9,1887.

The following members were present: President SMITH and Messrs. GUNTHER, METTE, and MESSLER.  After reading the minutes of the last meeting, and their approval, the following bills were presented and allowed, and the clerk ordered to make vouchers for their respective amounts:  


W.H. BROWN, 1 1/2 days work    ........$1.56

PETER ROOS, 10 3/4 days work ........  13.44

            J.F. HOPPERT, hauling gravel and sand ........6.36

J.ROOS, hauling and tiling ditch ........6.00


W.G. MESSLER, for Bullard's lumber bill........24.18

R. HEALD, hauling and scraping ........10.63

J.ROOS, hauling cement and sand........3.70

The clerk read a communication for WM. A. WALLRICHS, tendering his resignation as a member of the town board; which, on motion of METTE, was laid on the table indefinitely. 

On motion of METTE, and seconded by GUNTHER, it was voted that the clerk issue an order for $50.00 to S. CRUMPTON, in payment for the ground on which the T.P. & W. RY. are erecting their stock grounds.

No further business appearing, on motion the board adjourned.

B.L. YATES, clerk. 




A new stock yard is being erected at the east end of the long switch, just north of the T.P. & W. section house. 

MR. THOS. ENTWISTLE as been engaged this week in building a kitchen to the residence of MR. HUXTABLE southeast of town. 

The T.P.&W. depot is being nicely painted, and T.P. LISTON, the agent, is getting prouder and prouder as the work goes on.  

MR. JOHN MEISTER, of Strawn, rejoices over his first son, who arrived bright, fat, and robust Wednesday morning.  John says he's a bouncer and we're disposed to admit this true without question. 

A big time is expected at Cullom tomorrow, when PROF. TOLBERT will make a balloon ascension.  This time is a certainty, and many who have never seen a balloon ascension will avail themselves of this opportunity.  

The school building is being thoroughly renovated.  The ceiling and side walls have been washed to the hard finish and alabastined.  The wood work has also been washed, and everything will be neat and clean ere the school opens. 

MR. GEO. ORR, who resides near Wilson's Grove, brought a load of excellent watermelons and muskmelons to town last Saturday.  

Friday evening, while starting for his home east of town, MR. JAS. W. FORD's team became frightened and ran away, throwing him from the vehicle and injuring him quite seriously about the head.  The wounds were dressed by DR. VAUGHN, and the patient will probably recover in a few days.  

MR.B.M. JUDD was the only one who took the ill-fated train at Chatsworth, who was injured so seriously as to require medical attendance.  MR. and MRS. THOS.Y. BROWN, were in the rear sleeper, and walked home from the ruins.  MR. WM. HALLAM was slightly injured.  

Conductor THEODORE S. KENT,who ran freight and passenger over the T.P.&W. RY. for years, was buried at Gridley last Sunday.  He of late had been in the employ of the Union Pacific Ry., and in an accident some time since his foot was injured; blood-poisoning set in, and death resulted.  Mr. Kent was well known to many Chatsworth people with whom he was a favorite conductor.  

Very early last Monday morning a party consisting of MISSES GRACE SEARS, BLANCHE CALKINS, JOSIE BULLARD, and MESSRS.J.A. HALL, WILL BIGHAM, JACK BULLARD, and ROBT. BROWN, left town fully equipped for a week of camp life. The were bound for a point between Morris and Seneca, on the Illinois river, and a jolly good time was anticipated.  they came home today and undoubtedly brought a sufficient quantity of fish to supply the town. 

The fifteenth of August is the day for the grand ball and entertainment in the Town Hall at Chatsworth.  No doubt it will be a success, for who would fail to make use of this opportunity of having a day of real joy and happiness during these day and hot dog days.  As we are informed, not only Chatsowrth, but Cullom, Piper City, and Forrest are ready for this feast.  REBHOLZ's excellent band will make old and young forget all trouble and sadness and gladden their hearts with sweet joy and happiness.  

The T.P.&W. RY. will run another excursion to Peoria , Sunday, Aug. 21, leaving Chatsworth at 4 o'clock a.m.; fare for the round trip is $1.50.  the special train will return in the evening, leaving Peoria at 11 o'clock.  

On Wednesday evening MR. and MRS. JACOB OATMILLER, who reside in the vicinity of Cullom, started out of town from the hitching-rail east of JNO. WALTER's store in a covered buggy, to which was hitched a team of four-year-old colts.  The team started on the run and become ungovernable, when Mr. Oatmiller attempted to guide and make the team turn east from Fifth street, just north of the Catholic church; the buggy overturned, throwing both Mr. and Mrs. Oatmiller to the ground.  Mr. O. clung to the lines and was dragged quite a distance, but escaped uninjured, bearing some bruises.  But Mrs. O. was not so fortunate, and was hurt quite badly, but no bones were broken, and will, in a short time, recover. The buggy was badly wrecked.  

Mesdames GOODRICH and KETCHUM took it upon themselves to surprise their neighbor, MRS. BENNETT PEARSON, last Wednesday.  As the following persons, MR. and MRS. ENGERSOL, MR. and MRS. CUNNINGTON, MR. and MRS. WM. STANFORD, MR. and MRS. MCKINLEY, MR. and MRS. GOODRICH, MR. and MRS. KETCHUM, MRS. BURNETT, MRS. PINKNEY, MR. and MRS. HALLAM, MR. and MRS. PEPPERDINE, MR. and MRS. SAML. PUFFER, MR. and MRS. CHAS. STEVENS, MRS. S. CRUMPTON, MRS. DYER, MR. and MRS. MATHEW GARDNER, and MRS. DANFORTH, descended upon MR. and MRS. PEARSON's home they found the latter sewing and a more completely surprised woman would be hard to find.  She was presented with an extra large extension table, and all were served with an elaborate supper. 


We desire to express our thanks for the extreme generosity displayed by all parties and their uniform kindness, which aided materially in crowing our efforts with success.  Those whom we would especially thank are the village officers, for the use of the Town Hall; the school board, for the use of the piano; the string band, for the excellent music, and the Chatsworth Dramatic Company, for their program so admirably rendered; in fact, each and all for their substantial manifestations of courtesy and approval.  Very Respectfully, THE LADIES IN CHARGE OF THE ENTERTAINMENTS FOR THE BENEFIT OF MEMORIAL HALL.  







A storm Wednesday--sand. 

Balloon ascension--Saturday. 

All vacant rooms are being used for oat bins.  

HACK & JONES took in 1,900 bushels of oats Wednesday. 

MR. SHEARER is filling the old implement building, south of the elevator with oats. 

JIMMIE WHALEN, who is now on the I.C.R.R. as brakeman, stopped off at our town Wednesday evening.  

If anyone wishes to know the exact condition of the corn crop, inquire of MR. O'BRIEN, the man that struck "the little Irishman". 

MR. & MRS. E.D. COOK returned from their western trip last Wednesday noon, reporting a pleasant time, and that the drought is universal in the west. 

The trial of JOHN GAFFEY for assaulting the temperance lecturer was set for Wednesday afternoon at ESQ. GRIFFINGS'S , but to the honor of the defendant, he proposed a reconciliation, which was at once accepted, and so the matter was adjusted without process of law.  

At fifteen minutes of ten Thursday afternoon a telegram was received at this place, from your town, of the terrible catastropy which occurred about 2 miles east of your town on the T.P.&W. R.R., viz: the wreck of the excursion from Peoria to Niagara Falls. It reported the death of over a hundred persons, and in a short time ten or fifteen teams were on their way to witness the scenes of death. 



All waiting for the grand ball. 

Glorious time at the MERRIGAN'S threshing on Monday. 

MR.J.S. SHAW , of Kankakee, was in town Tuesday. 

R.HOBBLER, of Gridley, visited at MR. COOK'S over Sunday. 


MISS NELLIE LANTRY was the guest of MRS. WALLRICHS last Sunday. 

MR HEYE G. FLESSNER is engaged in doing some carpenter work for JNO. STRANIGAN this week.  

MRS. FOSTER, of Springfield, and MRS. HORNBAKER and a little daughter, of Pontiac, are visiting at the father's, MR. BENHAM's, this week. 

We think MISS NEIL BALDWIN won't care to go buggy riding again on Sunday afternoon. If you don't believe it, ask her and hear what she will say.  

On Tuesday, August 9, the scattered family of MRS.M. WALLRICHS held a happy reunion in honor of her sixty-fourth birthday.  Good cheer and beautiful presents were the order of the day. 

MISS SUSIE MONAHAN and MISS ANNIE BALDWIN were out riding Wednesday for the good of their health, and of course they made our little village a call.  We are always glad to see you young ladies, so please call again.  

FIRE!  FIRE!--MR. CHAS. TRUNK caused quite a sensation on Tuesday by setting fire to his stubble field on the BARNUM place.  Though the fire was guarded by furrow, MRS. BARNUM feared it wold reach her timothy stack, and , with the assistance of WID, like another Casabianica, staid at his post until TOM O'CONNOR and ANDY JAHLE, seeing the smoke, went to help him.  The fire was put out without causing damage.  



The Wabash time card is listed with J.T. TOOHEY as agent. 

A good rain Wednesday night. 

P.J. PIESTER went to Chicago Friday.

JOHN FAULK went to Danville Saturday.  

MR.D.R. MORGAN paid a visit to Fairbury Monday. 

MRS. OLIVER NORRIS returned from Stonington, Ill. , Tuesday. 

MRS. SMALTZ, of Peoria, is here visiting her sister, MRS. H.C. LIST.  

JOHN MYSTER wears a smiling countenance. It is a boy baby, unusual weight. 

Born--to MR. AND MRS. JNO. HOPKINS, on Monday, a twelve pound boy baby. 

MISSES GERT CURYEA and LOLA PIESTER returned from the teacher's institute Monday. 

F.M. CURYEA has sold his new threshing machine to WM. SUMMERS and JAS. KEELEY. 

One of MICHAEL SUMMERS' little sons, while playing, fell off the fence and broke his arm. 

MISS JANIE ROBERTS, of Ottawa, our ex-postmaster's daughter, is the guest of HENRY NORRIS. 

DR.B.D. VAUGHN, of Chatsworth, has been attending the sick during DR. SALISBURY's stay in Chicago. 

A. CORDING, of Saunemin, spent several days last week here with relatives.  He returned home Thursday. 

Great anxiety is felt here about those on the Niagara excursion, which was wrecked about two miles east of Chatsworth.  All kinds of rumors are afloat.  

G.W. READ, accompanied by DR.W.W. SALISBURY, took his son, ORAL, to Chicago Tuesday to an expert ear doctor, to see if his hearing could be improved any.  

In the case of HUBER AND RUDEN vs. LAURENCE MORGAN, tried on Monday before ESQ.A.W. STEERS and a jury, the plaintiffs obtained a judgement for their full demand, $34.  G.W. READ appeared for plaintiffs and D.L. MURDOCK for defendant.  the case occupied nearly the whole day.