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This page contains links to little tidbits of Chatsworth news , taken from various old newspapers that I have and items I have found on the web.

Some are news, some are just tidbits. Not news, but maybe something that might help someone doing family research.

I hope that you enjoy this page! And check back as I will be adding new tidbits as I find them.

Each group of tidbits will be dated by the year of the paper that they are taken from, so look for the ones you have not read. 


Newspapers and periodicals of Illinois, 1814-1879

 By Frank William Scott, Edmund Janes James

Palladium, 1871 (?): George Torrance, editor and publisher.

Plaindealer, 1873 (?): Established by E. M. Harte, editor,

C. B. Holmes, publisher; John Jackson, editor, John Culver and
Company, publishers, 1876; R. M. Spurgin, 1877-1880; James

A. Smith, 1882 (?). U


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