The factory at the south edge of Chatsworth has undergone many changes in the course of its existance. It began as the Chatsworth Manufacturing Company. About 1940 it became the Clearing Cabinet Co., with William Haberkorn, president. This was followed by Reynolds Spring (Mrs. Stoutemyer says that in 1949, Reynolds Spring added an addition to their factory), and in 1951 it became
 American Screen and the water tower was added. It employed over 200 in the late 1960's. 
Source:Chatsworh Area Centennial Celebration-1967
It is now Nichols-Homeshield with an east and west plant. The east plant has been evacuated and is for sell as of 2008.

From the AMSCO website:

The American Screen Company, AMSCO, began as a window screen manufacturer in Miami, Florida, in 1949. In 1953, AMSCO acquired Metal Products Corporation, a roll-forming and fabrication business that began operations in 1938 in Chatsworth, Illinois. AMSCO relocated to Chatsworth the same year to better serve our growing customer base in the window and door industry. This brought about a name change to Homeshield Industries and, in 1963, a merger with Nichols Aluminum to form Nichols-Homeshield. In 1972, AMSCO was reborn as a separate division and relocated to our current home in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. In 1989 Nichols-Homeshield was acquired by the Quanex Corporation, who have allowed AMSCO to expand our manufacturing capacities, technology, and customer base.