St. Peter and Paul Church


Established 1877

These books pertain to the church:
Seventy-fifth Anniversary: Saints Peter and Paul Church, Chatsworth, Illinois, 1877-1952.
By Ill Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church (Chatsworth
Published by The Church, 1952
Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Chatsworth, Illinois Joyfully Celebrates One Hundred Years 1877-1977: June 12, 1977.
By Ill Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church (Chatsworth
Published by The Church, 1977


From the History Books:
According to L.J. Haberkorn, in "A History of Chatsworth, Illinois", in 1874, the Catholic church was built on the lot on the corner north and east from where the new church is located. Father Fanning, who was located at Fairbury, drove over with horse and buggy every other Sunday to say 10 a.m. Mass.  
And in 1906, Charles Kerrins became the owner of the old frame Catholic church building, had it moved to the lot north across the alley from the Burns hardware store and started a livery barn in this building. 
According to Mrs. Stoutemyer,in the "Chatsworth Area Centennial Celebration" book, Father William Van der Hagen purchased five lots for building a school. In May 1883 the foundation of the convent was laid. On Saturday, September 8, the cornerstone was set for the sisters' convent. The school was completed in 1884. Six Sisters of Providence came at the request of Father Van der Hagen. About this time the Catholic people were very busy raising money for their school. It was noted in the minutes of the Town Board that every year, about a week before Christmas, Father Van der Hagen rented the Town Hall for the purpose of holding a Fair.  
The three story brick building was designed as a school house and residence for the sisters. The large red brick structure was known as St. Patrick's Academy. School opened with 110 pupils.  
The first floor was living quarters for the sisters with a kitchen, dining room, a chapel and two music rooms. The second floor held three class-rooms. One teacher had grades one through four, a second taught grades 5 through 8 and a third sister conducted high school classes. The third floor was the dormitory. There was also a hall or practice room up there. In early days St. Patrick's was a boarding school and out of town girls were given rooms on the third floor. Two teachers taught music and the school had an orchestra.  
The present brick church building was dedicated June 8, 1890. Father J. J. Quinn obtained 8 lots on the south side of the block. A new rectory was completed in January 1891. During Father Quinn's pastorate the name was changed to Saints Peter and Paul. In 1899 the Sisters of the Holy Cress replaced the Sisters of Providence as teachers. In 1941 Sisters of St. Francis began teaching in Chatsworth.
Another brick structure was added back of the original school during the paostprate of Father E. C. Heam. The building was dedicated October 12, 1916 as a high school. The high school continued until 1921 then was changed to an elementary school, while the original academy continued as the dwelling place of the sisters. On May 15, 1920 fire destroyed the interior of the rectory and the parishioners were called upon to build again.  
In 1965 the church purchased the house and lots from C. L. Ortman. Other adjoining lots had been purchased previously. The former Ortman property became the residence of the priest. Father Jerome Morrissey. The former rectory became the home of the sisters and the old red brick structure, the original academy was torn down to make way for a new parish hall.
In 1951, their held their 75th anniversary as an independent parish. Father R.E. Raney was the pastor. Father J.J. Kerrins, a native of Chatsworth,  assisted in the service. 
In her book, "Sands of Time", she states, the Roman Catholic church was built in 1877 and dedicated to St. Patrick, according to their records, but according to the "Plaindealer", it was built before that and had their first resident priest in 1877. The frame building cost around $4000 and was built under the pastorate of  Rev. John Fanning of Fairbury. Owen Murtaugh, Patrick Monahan and William Joyce were on the building committee. A history said "A flourishing Sunday school is attached and attendance at it and the church are both good."  It was located northeast of the present church on Spruce Street. She quotes a news item as saying, "the old Catholic church is now located south of the town hall. The moving of it has been immense. Charles Kerrins will organize it into an opera house".  
It is doubtful that was ever done. The building was made into a livery stable and later a garage and has since been torn down. This is where the town trucks and machinery were stored yet 1991. 
From early records it states that early Catholic church services were held at the home of Patrick Monahan.
The new parish hall was completed on September 5, 1967.


From the 75th Anniversary of SS. Peter & Paul Catholic Church
The Mission was first started by Fr. Quigley of Pontiac and he was replaced by Fr. Fanning of Fairbury.
The land was donated by Michael Fitzmaurice, Patrick Monahan and Owen Murtaugh. 
Rev. Jerimiah Moynihan 1877-1878
Rev. William O'Hara  1878-1881
Rev. William Van Der Hagen  1881- 1889
Rev. James J. Quinn  1889-1905
Rev. W. J. Burke  1905-1914
Rev. E.C. Hearn  1914-1929
Rev. F. J. Fitzgerald  1929-1932
Rev. W.J. Scollin 1932-1933
Rev. Phillip Markey  1933-1943
Rev. A.F. Timmins  1943-1949
Rev. R.E. Raney  1950-1957    See Photo
100th Anniversary of SS. Peter & Paul Catholic Church
Rev. Ed. M. Farrell  1958
Rev. Michael Van Raes  1958-1961
Rev. Jerome V. Morrissey 1964-1970
Rev. George W. Casper  1970-1971
Rev. Richard O. Wilson  1971-1972
Rev. Charles E. Karl 1972-(He was still there when the book was published in 1977 and later.)

From: USGWarchives     Newport, Jackson County, Arkansas-1911
A biography of one of the first Reverends of St. Peter and Paul Church.

Owens, Rev. Peter Paul, pastor of the Church of the Immaculate Conception (Roman Catholic), Monmouth, Warren County, was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., January 21, 1860, a son of Edward and Margaret (Farrell) Owens, both natives of Ireland. His literary course was pursued in St. John's College, Brooklyn, from which he graduated in 1877. The same year he entered the Grand Seminary at Montreal, Canada, where he devoted four years to the study of philosophy and theology. In the spring of 1881 he entered St. Joseph's Provincial Seminary at Troy, N.Y., where he was ordained to the priesthood December 23, 1882. His first appointment was to the assistant pastorate of St. Patrick's Church at Chatsworth, Livingston County, Ill., where he labored until January, 1884, when he was appointed pastor of St. John's Church at Fairbury, Ill., the same county. In January, 1892, he was made pastor of the Church of the Immaculate Conception of Monmouth, which has been the scene of his labors for the past eleven years. The parish over which Father Owens presides includes all of the city of Monmouth, and his church now (1902) has a membership of 500. During the term of his pastorate he has endeared himself not only to his own parishioners but also to those citizens of Monmouth outside of his church with whom he has come in contact. During his residence in Monmouth he has taken a hearty interest in those movements tending toward the promotion of the best interests of the community, and has come to be regarded as a broad-minded and progressive man, as well as a faithful and devoted pastor.


 Found Dec. 31, 2016 at Catholic Diocese at Peoria

Father Richard E. Raney

 Position(s): Senior Priest Email: Phone: (239) 463-6789 History: 21460 Bay Villiage Drive, #236 Ft. Myers Beach, FL 33931-4337 Born in Peoria, October 19, 1912. Ordained June 5, 1938. Parochial Vicar, Holy trinity, Bloomington, 1938. Pastor, St. Mary, Ottawa, 1946; Sts. Peter & Paul, Chatsworth, 1950; St. Edward, Chillicothe, 1957. Co-pastor, St. Edward, Chillicothe, 1973. Pastor, Sacred Heart, Moline, 1976. Senior priest status, 1980. F

Father Richard W. Brunskill

Location(s): (No Such Facility) Position(s): Senior Priest, Priest History: Born in Pontiac, Aug. 20, 1944 Ordained May 28, 1983 Parochial Vicar – Holy Trinity, Bloomington (1983); Chaplain Central Catholic High School, Bloomington (1986) Pastor – St. Joseph, Colfax and St. Rose, Strawn (1989) St. Theresa, Earlville (1992) Sts. Peter & Paul, Chatsworth and St. John, Cullom (1996) Sts. Peter & Paul, Chatsworth and St. James, Forrest (2001) St. Mary, Westville (2007) St. Patrick, Havana and Immaculate Conception, Manito (2008) Senior Priest Status 2010

Monsignor Albert W. Hallin, PA 

Location(s): (No Such Facility) Position(s): Senior Priest, Priest History: Born in Chicago, Feb. 3, 1929 Ordained May 28, 1961 Parochial Vicar, Holy Family, Peoria, 1961. Faculty, Academy of Our Lady, Peoria, 1961. Faculty, Bergan High School, Peoria, 1964. Chaplain, Bergan High School, Peoria, 1967-78. Administrator, Sts. Peter & Paul, Chatsworth, 1972. Diocesan Director of Pre-Cana, 1973-80. Resident Chaplain, Mt. Alverno Motherhouse, while remaining Chaplain at Bergan, 1976. Co-pastor, St. Matthew, Champaign, 1978. Pastor, St. Anne, East Moline, 1983; St. Mary and Sts. Peter & Paul, Westville, 1988. Vicar, Danville Vicariate, 1988. Pastor, St. Columba, Ottawa, 1990. Diocesan Ecumenical Officer, 1990. Diocesan Consultor, 1990. Vicar, Ottawa Vicariate, 1991. Episcopal Vicar for Ecumenism, 1993. Prelate of Honor, 1993. Pastor, Holy Cross, Champaign, 1997. Vicar, Champaign Vicariate, 1997. While remaining Vicar Forane of the Champaign Vicariate and Episcopal Vicar for Ecumenical Affairs, to Pastor, St. Boniface, Seymour, with residence at St. John’s Catholic Chapel, Champaign, 2005. Remaining Pastor, St. Boniface, Seymour, Asst. Chaplain, St. John’s Catholic Chapel, Champaign; also Pastor of St. Joseph, Ivesdale, 2007. Protonotary Apostolic. Senior priest status 2012.

Father Binh K. Tran

 Position(s): Priest History: Born March 15, 1956. Ordained May 23, 1992. Parochial Vicar, St. Edward, Chillicothe, 1992; Blessed Sacrament, Morton, 1993; St. Pius X, Rock Island, 1994. Pastor, St. Anthony, Matherville, and St. John, Viola, 1995; St. John, Walnut, and Immaculate Conception, Ohio, 1996. Leave of absence, 2005. Administrator, St. Bernard, Bushnell, and St. Augustine, St. Augustine, 2006. Pastor, Sts. Peter & Paul, Chatsworth and St. James, Forrest, 2007. Sabbatical for service in Florida parishes (2013) F