All kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats constantly on hand, at the lowest market rates -
Highest cash price paid for fat Cattle, Sheep, Hogs, Hides and Tallow

Read all the actual ads from the Chatsworth Plaindealer here.

Newly Added
1880 U.S. Census with Occupations
1900 U.S.  Census with Occupations
Chatsworth Township
Transcribed From "Family Search" 
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1920 & 1930 U.S. Census- Germanville with Occupations
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1860 U.S. Census 
Chatsworth Village
From "Family Search"

Charles Drake-Grain Merchant
John Tuttle-Herdsman
William Harshaw-Farmer
Samuel Patton-Blacksmith
Job McQuire (Megquier)-Farmer
Truman Brockway-Carpenter
Charles Brooks-Merchant
Lawrence Farrel-Laborer
Thomas Fitzsimmons-Laborer
Patrick Fitzsimmons-Laborer
Christian Engleman-Farmer
David Sharpless-Farmer

Read the "Illinois Business Directory-1860 here.

Businesses of 1878
From "History of Livingston County, Illinois"

Byington, Wm. C, M. D., office over E. A. Bangs  Co.'s Drug Store.  

Bangs, E. A., & Co., Dealers in
Drugs and Medicines, Oils. Paints, 
Glass and Putty. Dye-stuffs. Patent
Medicines. Wines. Liquors, Wall Paper. Groceries and Notions.  

Bangs, H. M., Main street ; Dealer in 
Medicines. Chemicals, Oils. Varnishes. 
Paints. Glass. Putty, Fine Soaps,
Perfumery, Dye Woods and Dye Stuffe
generally. Sponges, Brushes, and all
other articles kept by Drugs generally. 
Physicians' Prescriptions carefully compounded.  

Bangs, E. A & Co., Bankers : Collections made at lowest rates

Bullard, J. T, Dealer in Lumber.  Lime. Nails. Building 
Paper, Sand and Brick ; also dealer in
Pressed Hay and Pumps. Office west of T. P. & W. Depot.  

Cottage House, Wm. Cowling, Prop.

DeLong, J. L., City Grocer and Confectioner; 
 all kinds of Family Groceries
on hand. Fruits and Cured Meats a specialty. 

Fosdick, Samuel T.  Succesor to Fosdick , Wallace , Attorney and
Counselor at Law ; Will practice in Livingston 
and adjoining Counties. All
legal business entrusted to my care will
receive prompt attention.

Heppe, Conrad, Chatsworth Bakery.
Grocery and Restaurant ; Meals served
at all hours ; respectfully solicit the
country transient trade

Hall, W. S., Manufacturer and Dealer
in Furniture, Looking Glasses. Picture
Frames, etc.. Pianos. Organs and all
other Musical Instruments.

Hunt, D. W., M. D., office opposite
Hall & Crane  Hardware Store.

Hall, A. H., Photographer and Dealer
in Frames, Albums, Steroscopic Views,

Hall & Crane, General Hardware.
Tinware,  Queensware. Staple
and Fancy Groceries, Paints, Oils, Putty.
Guns and Ammunition. Sole Agents
for Tascotts Enamel Mixed Paints.

Kenyon, N. C, Dealer in Newspapers.
Periodicals, school Books, Notions and
Stationery. Orders for Books, etc.,
filled at Publishers' prices.

Miller, Mllo M ., Broom Manufacturer.

Megquier, J. H., Justice of the
Peace. Real Estate and Collecting
Agent. Office over the post office.

Marvel Feed Mill, made expressly
for Pumping Wind Mills.  Patent
pending.  Price S25.00. Dan. Brigham 
and Maj. D. E. Shaw, Proprietors.

Patton, Samuel, Blacksmith and
Machinist ; Shop south of depot.

Roberts & Lantry, Hardware and
Groceries : We shall be glad to see you
and cordially invite the farmers to call
and see our immense Stock of Goods.

Rumbold, Robert, Real Estate and
Insurance Agent. Etna, Hartford:
Continental, N. Y.; The German.
Peoria; Home, N. Y.; Hartford, Conn.;
Washington. N. Y.; American Sentinel.
St. Louis. Call on me and I will write
you up a policy at the lowest possible
rates. Office with J. T. Bullard.

Sears, W. W., Real Estate and Collecting 
Agent, and Auctioneer. Office
near the depot.

Shaw, D. E., Maj., Manufacturer of
Shaw's Self-Regulating Star Wind Mill
for pumping water for Farm and Railroad 
purposes, is unequaled in strength,
durability, power and regular motion.
Patented Aug. 29, 1870. All orders
should be addressed to Major D. E.

Shroyer, Peter, Dealer in Hard and
Soft Coal. Orders solicited and promptly

Speicher, L. C, manufacturer of
Spring Wagons. Farmers deal with your
mechanics at home and it will always pay
you. Plows polished ; Horse-shodng a
specialty; Blacksmithing of all kinds
done on the shortest notice, and 
warranted. Give me a call

Spurgln, E. M., Proprietor Chats-
worth Plaindealer and Job Printing
Office, over Hall & Crane's Hardware

Sanford, O., Livery and Feed Stable ; 
largest and best Livery Stable in Chatsworth, 
one square southwest of depot.

True, Chas., M. D., office H. M. Bang's Drug Store.

Timm, John, dealer in Lumber, Doors,
Sash. Blinds. Lime, Hair. Cement,
Sand. Nails, Building Material, etc.
Office and Yard on Fifth street.

Torrance, G., Attorney at Law and
Solicitor in Chancery ; will practice in
all Courts of this State. Particular
attention given to Collections. Office
over the post office.

Wilson, C. A., & CO, Bankers .Successors to the Bank of Chatsworth .
A general banking business transacted.

Wakelin, Wm. H, Dealer in Groceries
and Provisions, Flour, Crockery.
Glassware, Teas, Tobacco, Spices, Lamps.  etc., etc., near the comer
of Fifth and Locust streets.

Walter, John. Dealer in Dry Goods
Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes, Dress
Goods, Prints, etc., etc. We have the
largest and best stock of Groceries ever
brought to Chatsworth which we are
selling extremely cheap. We make a
specialty of all brands of choice floor.
Give us a call.

Webster, S. D., Money loaner and
Grain Buyer.

Wrede. Henry, Boots and Shoes,
Ready-made or Made to Order. I am
prepared to offer to Chatsworth and
vicinity the best selected stock of
Boots and Shoes to be had in town.

Wyman, Justin H-, Dealer in Staple 
and Fancy Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes, Hats and Caps, Clothing, Gents'
Furnishing Goods, Cupets, Window
Shades, Oil Cloths, etc.

Young, John, Dealer in Dry Goods.
Clothing. Hats. Caps, Boots, Shoes.
Carpets and Wall Paper.


From the Chatsworth Plaindealer
These are the businesssmen listed that closed their businesses for the
death of President James A. Garfield
M.H. Hall
E.A. Bangs
John Young
John Walter
Henry Wrede
M. Reising
Wm. Altman
John P. Hansen
G.W. Duffan
H. Walker
E.A. Jackson
Reising  & O'Brien
Scovel & Harry
C. Wallrichs
J.J. Lantry
J.L. DeLong
W.A. Wallrichs
J.T. Bullard
C.A. Wilson
H.M. Bangs
N.C. Kenyon
J.G. True
Frank Molitor
Geo. J. Walter
M. Fitzmaurice
A.M. Roberts
C. Gunther
Hampson & Taylor
C. Heppe
H.P. Turner
Miss A.D. Griswold
B. Crumpton
A.B. Searing
C. Riess
Jas. A. Smith
R.R. Tuckerman
W.M. Smith

List from       : (Checking for source of this info)

Read lists kept at this website


BANGS, Edward A., b. Dec. 15, 1835, banker, merchant, 1888 
BANGS, Heman Milton, b. Aug. 10, 1847, druggist, 1888, 1878 
BECKER, John H., b. July 6, 1825, farmer, 1888 
BERGAN, James, b. May 1845, County Supervisor, 1898 biz directory, photo, bio 
BIGHAM, John R., b. Oct. 27, 1831, farmer, fruit grower, 1888 
BROCKWAY, Trueman, b. Jan. 24, 1832, farmer, 1878 
BROWN, Jacob E., b. Sept.29, 1838, banker, 1888 
BROWN, Thomas Y., b. Nov. 15, 1810, banker, farmer, 1888, 1878 
BULLARD, Jarius Thayer, dealer in lumber, fuel, paints, photo of residence & lumber yard 1888, 1878 
BYINGTON, William C., b. April 4, 1819, physician, 1878 CHADWICK, James, b. May 9, 1823, farmer, school director, 1888 
CLINE, George W., b. Dec. 21, 1829, farmer, photo of residence, 1888, 1878 
COWLING, William, b. Nov. 20, 1848 in England, Propr. Cottage Hotel, photo 1888, 1878, 1898 biz directory, photo, bio 
CRANE, Archibald M., b. Aug. 21, 1818, hardware merchant, 1878 
CRUMPTON, Samuel, b. Feb. 17, 1841, grain trade, 1888 
CURRAN, Thomas S., b. April 9, 1822, farmer, photo, 1888 
CURTIS, L., b. Feb. 19, 1836 in Maine, manager of celebrated Buckingham farm, grain dealer, 1888 
DeLONG, J. L. b. June 18, 1839, farmer, civil war, confectionery and grocery business, 1878 
ELLINGWOOD, Charles V., b. Oct. 12, 1858, physician and surgeon, 1898 biz directory, photo, bio 
FOSDICK, Samuel T., b. Oct. 3, 1818, attorney at law, 1878 
GINGERICH, William, b. April 14, 1842 in Kur-Hessen, Germany, Civil War Vet., farmer, twp. School Treas. 1888 
GREGORY, James A., b. May 13, 1862 in Amity Twp., physician 1888 
HAGAN, Father, b. Oct. 27, 1834 in Holland, Pastor of St. Patrick's Church, Chatsworth, photo of church, Academy and Rectory, 1888 
HALL, Albert H., b. April 10, 1849 in Maine, photographer in Chatsworth, succeeded L. R. Thayer, 1888,  1878 
HALL, Matthew H., b. July 14, 1829, merchant, 1878 
HALL, William H., b. Nov. 29, 1843, furniture, Civil War, 1878 
HEPPE, Conrad, b. May 24, 1837, bakery, 1878 
HUNT, D. W., b. July 3, 1831, physician, Civil War, 1878 
KENYON, Col. Nathaniel C. b. Feb. 21, 1838, postmaster Chatsworth, 1878 
KOEHLER, Adolph, b. Sept. 6, 1847, farmer, 1888 
LANTRY, Jesse, b. Aug. 21, 1846, Roberts & Lantry hardware and groceries, 1878 
LAWLESS, Patrick, b. March 1830 in Louth County Ireland, farmer. 1888 
MARSHALL, John H., b. abt. 1840, farmer, 1878 
McMULLEN, Archibald, B. Jan. 7, 1836, farmer, 1888, 1878
 MEGQUIER, Job H., b. Feb. 10, 1827, real estate agent and Justice of the Peace, 1878
 MESSLER, William G., b. Oct. 14, 1849, Jr. Member of Searing & Messler, dealers in grain and ag implements, photo of Elevator 1888 
METTE, Louis, b. Feb. 27, 1829, grain merchant, photo of residence, 1888 
MILLER, Milo M., b. Nov. 15, 1830, farmer, manufacture of brooms, 1888, 1878 
MORRIS, Martin, b. Dec. 22, 1843, farmer, Civil War Veteran, MURTAUGH, Owen, b. June 8, 1826, 1898 photo, bio 
PATTON, Samuel, b. Sept. 3, 1833, machinist, 1878 PUFFER, Daniel B., b. Sept. 20, 1839, farmer, 1878 
REMSBURG, Hon. Perry F., b. Feb. 10, 1825, 27th Gen. Assembly, Justice of Peace, Supervisor, photo of farm 1888 
ROBERTS, Amos M., b. June 20, 1826, Roberts & Lantry hardware and grocery, 1878 
ROBERTS, Francis M., b. July 18, 1841, farmer, 1878 
KOEHLER, Gustavus, b. Oct. 20, 1841 in Kingdom of Soxony, Germany, farmer 1888 
RUMBOLD, Robert, b. July 23, 1831 in England, insurance and real estate agent, 1878  
SANFORD, Orange, b. May 4, 1828, livery stable, 1878 
SEARS, William Wallace, b. April 21, 1828, Postmaster Chatsworth, real estate, 1878, 1888 
SHAWL, Josiah, b. April 5, 1838, farmer, 1878 
SHEPHERD, Henry B., b. March 21, 1841, breeder of Roadster & Trotting horses, photo, 1888, 1878
 SHROYER, Peter, b. Oct. 2, 1821, coal merchant, 1878 
SMITH, James A., b. Aug. 6, 1845, Editor-Publisher of Plain Dealer newspaper, 1888, Â 1898 photo, bio 
SPIECHER, L. C., b. Dec. 16, 1846, wagon manufacturer, 1878 
SPURGIN, Richard M., b March 20, 1848, proprietor and editor Chatsworth Plaindealer, 1878 
STANFORD, David J., b. Oct. 15, 1836, County surveyer, 1898, photo, bio 
STANFORD, John F., b. Feb. 10, 1850, dealer in coal & Agriculture implements, 1888 
STOUTEMYER, Leonidas T., b. Dec. 8, 1841, farmer, 1888 
TIMM, John, b. Aug. 14, 1838, lumber merchant, 1878 
TODD, John A., b. Aug. 29, 1840, farmer, 1878 
TORRANCE, Hon. George, b. May 15, 1847, attorney-in-law, State Senator, 1888, 1878 
TRUE, Charles, b. Aug. 28, 1843, Physician, 1878 
TURNBULL, James, b. Aug. 22, 1816, farmer, 1878 
VOORHES, Isaac, b. Dec. 25, 1846, farmer, 1888 WAKELIN, William H., b. June 29, 1847, merchant, 1878 
WALTER, Albert F., b. March 8, 1863, merchant, 1898 biz directory, photo, bio 
WALTER, George J., b. Dec. 5, 1852, Manufacturer of drain tile, 1898 photo, bio 
WALTER, Louis A., b. Oct. 5, 1856, merchant, 1898 biz directory, photo, bio 
WEBSTER. Samuel D. b. Sept. 8, 1811, stock, grain and real estate investor, photo, 1888, 1878 
WILSON, C. A. & Co., bankers, general banking business, owned by C. E. Anthony, C. M. Anthony, H. Denhart, R. B. M. Wilson and Charles A. Wilson, 1878 
WREDE, Henry, b. March 18, 1838, boots and shoes, Chatsworth, 1878 
Wyman, Justin H., b. July 5, 1836, dry goods merchant, Chatsworth, 1878 
YOUNG, John, b. March 8, 1831, merchant, tailor, 1878

Businesses of 1900
From "The Biographical Record of Livingston County, Illinois" 1900
John Francis Sullivan, Druggist
Jacob Brown, Banking(C.A. Wilson & Company the J.K. Brown and Company) , Insurance and Loans 
Served on Town Board of Trustees, once as president.
Robert Rumbold, Insurance
Michael Reising, General Merchantile
Served on Town Board of Trustees
George W. McCabe, Banker (Commercial National Bank)
Albert J. Sneyd, Dealer in Buggies,Wagons, heavy and light farm machinery and implements
Charles Burns and Thomas Burns, Hardware
Charles served on Town Board of Trustees
William T. Gardner, Dealer in hardware, stove, tinware and groceries
George J. Walter, Brick and Tile Factory
Louis A. Walter, Lumber
Albert F. Walter, Dry Goods
James A. Smith, Chatsworth Plaindealer
 President of the Town Board 13 Years
C.V. Ellingwoo, M.D.
Served on Town Board of Trustees 

From The History of Livingston County-1900

BURNS, Charles T., Chatsworth, b. 6-11-1863, Hardware Business
DESIRE, Miles, Chatsworth, b. 3-1-1853, farmer, stock raiser
ELLINGWOOD, C.V., M.D., Chatsworth, b. 10-12-1858, physician
GARDNER, William T., Chatsworth, b. 6-6-1862, Hardware Dealer, Grocer
McCABE, George W., Chatsworth, b. 3-1-1863, Banker
MURTAUGH, Owen, Chatsworth, b. 6-8-1826, farmer
OLIVER, Franklin, Chatsworth, b. 4-8-1786, Civil Engineer, surveyor
QUINN, Rev. James J., Chatsworth, b. 5-16-1857, Priest
REISING, Michael, Chatsworth, b. 7-17-1838, Gen. Mercantile
RUMBOLD, Robert, Chatsworth, b. 7-23-1831, insurance
SHAFER, Adam, Chatsworth, b. 9-26-1847 farmer
SMITH, Hon. James A., Chatsworth, b. 8-6-1845, Real Estate, grain business, public offices
SNEYD, Albert J., Chatsworth, b. 7-10-1867, farmer, stock raiser
SULLIVAN, John Francis, Chatsworth, b. 3-10-1868, Pharmacist
WALTER, George J. Chatsworth, b. 12-5-1852, Brick & Tile Manufacturer

BROWN, Jacob E., Germanville, b. 9-29-1838, farmer, banker, insurance
GOEMBEL, William P., Germanville, b. 2-20-183, Farmer, stock raiser
JOHNSON, Sherman H., Germanville, b. 9-13-1847, farmer
KNIGHT, Ira M., Germanville, b. 8-23-1861, farmer
LEGGATE, John, Germanville, b. 8-25-1816, farmer
LEGGATE, Walter, Germanville, b. 12-7-1853, farmer
O'CONNOR, Thomas J., Germanville, b. 3-19-1861, farmer

FLESSNER, Enno, Charlotte Twp., b. 2-15-1856, General Mercantile business
MURTAUGH, Rev. William M., Charlotte Twp., b. 1860, Priest

The Farmer's Review Ads-1917

 Chatsworth Business Men's Assocation Photo of 1913
Leslie Dowd, Charles Taylor, Prof Smith, George Harvey, Frank Herr, Robert Rosenboom, W. P. Mchenry, Louie Walder, Mr. Prink, Lawrence Hollywood, Charles McFall, Elon Steer, Henry Rosenboom, Simon Sokol, Ed Herr, Jack Marr, Ira Pearson, Mr. Ruehl, Joe Miller, John Brosnahan, Mr. Delany, William Quinn, James Garrity, William Baylor, Dr. Lamb, Paul Trunk, Frank Russel, Mr. Krahenbihl, Homer Sanford, Jim Mauritzen, M. Brown, William Hummel, Bob Norman, Raymond Gerbracht, Jerome Bergan, Henry Klover, Mr. Bell, Henry Glabe, Mr. Fallon, William O'Malley, J. B. Grotevant, Sebastian Glabe, L. J. Haberkorn, Dr. Carson, Stephen Herr Jr., Leo Garrity , John Kerrins, George Strobel, John Baldwin, Mr. Warren, James Baldwin, James Snyder, Harvey Baylor, C. G. Dorsey, John Brown, Charles Roberts and John Corbett.
From Chatsworth Plaindealer 1913 Ads
Commercial National Bank, John Ryan,pres.; T.E. Baldwin,vice pres.; J.O. Corbett, cash.; John Brosnahan, asst. cash.
Dr. T.C. Seright, Physician and surgeon
Dr. C.V. Ellingwood, physician and surgeon
W.T. Bell, Dentist
Dr. M.H. Kyle, Veterinary & Dentist
Robert Rumbold, Insurance
L.S. Powers, Barber
E.F. Krebs, photography
McHenry & Entwistle, real estate
Hollywood's Market (meat)
George Stroebel Meat Market
A.J. Sneyd, farm equipment (including Deere)
A.G. Norman, Jr. Shoe Store
Baylor Bros., grocery
John G. Gelmers & Co., car sales and repair
Glabe & Glabe, real estate
Doud Bros. , jewelers
Elon Steer, Rexall Drug Store
Ira Pearson, clothing and shoes
Rosenboom Bros., plumbers
Garrity & Baldwin, clothing
T.E. Baldwin & Sons, grocers
Reilly & Trunk, selling flour
Carney & Baldwin, auto sales and repair

List compiled by Jack Kane in the 1990's
In Town of Chatsworth
All at one time at some dates between 1920 and 1940

Auctioneers- P.T. Crawford; Harvey Downs; Joe Wittler, Sr.
Bakery & Ice Cream Parlor- Al Grebracht
Butcher Shops- George Strobel; Jim Mauritzen and Don Askew
Barber Shops- Eddie Cooney; Larry Powers; "Fuzzy" Turner
Blacksmith Shops- John Jensen; Charles Dennewitz
Bowling Alley- John Baldwin
Banks- Commercial, J.C. Corbett, President; Citizens, Frank Herr, President
Building Contractor- Ross Haberkorn
Churches-Catholic, Lutheran Methodist, First Baptist, United Brethern
Cement Contractors- George Watson; Bill Knittles; Nick Mootz
Dentists- Dr. Bell; Dr. Bloomenshine
Dance Hall- Adolph Zorn
Doctors- Dr. Sloan; Dr. Palmer; Dr. Seright
Town Depots- Illinois Central, C.C. Hammond; T.P.& W., Fred Warner 
Drug Store- Will Quinn
Dime Store- Joe Endres
Electric Shops- Cy Ortman; Loren Taylor
Feed Store- Wisthuff
Feed Mill Grind- Henry Martin
Factories- Tile Factory, Geo. Walters; Pop Factory, Pete Gray
Funeral Homes- J.E. Roach, Sr.; Peter McGuire
Gas Stations- Ill. Gas, Carl Lang; Standard, Dennewitz Brothers; Hicks, Lee Tornowski; Shell, Ernie Deboure; Phillip 66, John Baker; Skelly, Trunk and Marr
Sears Roebuck Store- Larry LaRochelle
Grocery Stores- Yellow Front, Griffiths; Pliney Dancey; John Heiken; Jim Baldwin; Dan Tauber; Harbeke
Grain Elevators- Dennis Kerrins; Koehler Brothers
Hotel- Ann Matthias
Hospital- Sloan Brothers
Hardware Stores- A.J. Sneyd & Sons; Tom Burns; Charlie Dorsey
Plumbing and Heating- Rosenboom Brothers
Poultry and Cream- Carl Milstead; Frank Wise; Virgil Leathers
Hair Dresser- Teresa Storr
Ice Plant- John Plank
Implement Stores- Roan & Ehman
Junk Yards- Christ Roedry (this spelling may be Rohde); Roy Entwistle
Justices of Peace- Gerald Stone; Dr. Bell; Pete McGuire
Jewelry Stores- Will Caulkin; Harvey Rosenboom
Lumber Yards- J. Reuhle; Koehler Brothers
Millinery Store- Jane Rellihan
Coal Hauling and Dray- Cap Bargmann
Grain Truck Haulers- Maynard Roberts; Ed Todden; Ed Stoller
Town Workers-Cliff Runyon; Bill Knittles, Sr.
Clothing Store-Joe Miller; Garrity & Baldwin
Music Teacher- Myra Taylor
Milk Plant and Delivery- Martin Kerrins and Sons
Post Office- Sheldon J. Porterfield
Newspaper-Edtor, Mr. Prink; Reporter, Bertha French
Restaurants- Joe Metison and Jack Lannon; Phil Brennan (Lou Fraher,Cook)
Septic Tank Cleaner- George Todden
Schools- Catholic (Grade & High); Town (Grade & High)
Shoe Repair Shop- Ernie Bargman
Theater- Frank Kaiser, Sr.
Tailor shops- Simmon Sokol; Bob Norman
Taverns- Morgan Ryan; Leo Clodei; Tom Carney; Mike Meister; Wilford "Skin" Graham; Bony Martin
Telephone Office- Lineman, Leo Garrity; Operators, Myrtle Kietz, Blanche Cline
Well Driller- Jack Taylor
Corn Shellers-  Ike Todden; Ike Dehm (should be Lloyd Dehm)
Hand Field Tiller- Ernie Mortimer
Livestock Haulers- John Sleeth, Tommy Martis
Town Policemen- Tom Lahey; Ed Boehley
Livery Stable- John Dehm
Town Mayor-Joe Dietz
Furniture Stores- J.E. Roach, Sr., Peter McGuire
Welding Shop-Ike Dehm (Should be Lloyd Dehm)
Music Store- L.J. Haberkorn
Box Factory, Pop Cases, Cabinets- Will Haberkorn
Painting and Papering- Mike Smith
Dress Shop- Dorsey Sisters
Radio Station-Gus Stone

Businesses of 1940
From the Chatsworth Plaindealer
I'm sure there were probably more but these were listed in a 4th of July ad.

Baldwin's Happy Hour Store
Trunk-Marr Co. -Skelly Products
Eat-Mor Cafe
Stoller Trucking
Baldwin Chevrolet-Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Cars
J.E. Roach Furniture Co.
W.M. Romans-Ford Service
N.M. LaRochelle
Chatsworth Feed Mill - E.J. Schlitz, Prop.
Baldauf's 5c to $1 Store
Leathers Produce
Community Grocery
Maplethorpe Shoe Shop
O'Neil's Tavern
George V. Robinson-the store for men and boys
Leggate's Cafe
A.F. Gerbracht-ice cream and cold drinks
Dorsey sisters-dry goods and ready to wear
Doris Voland Beauty Shoppe-ladied apparel
Tauber's Store-Dry Goods and Groceries
Dr. H.N. Sheeley -chiropractor
John F. Donovan, postmaster
Kohler Bros.
Shafers' Agency-insurance
Chatsworth Locker Plant-Askew & Mauritzen, owners
L.J. Haberkorn -Individual Mausoleums
Leo Sneyd's Tavern
Collins Implement Store-John Derre sales and service
Fortna Ice Service-Karl W. Fortna, Prop.
T.E. Burns
Hilko J. Remmers
Dr. H.L. Lockner
F.L. Livingston
Clearing Cabinet Corp.
Dennewitz Bros.
Tony's Mobil Service Station
The Plaindealer
Philco Radio Shop
J.J. ("Red") Bouhl
Bartlett Lumber and Coal Co.
P. L. McGuire Funeral Home
G.J. and A.G. Walter

 Businesses of 1942
From "History of Chatsworth, Illinois"
West Side— J. L. Johnson, sta-
tion agent, I. C. Depot.

F. L. Livingston, manager of the
Stoddard elevator; Howard Trin-
kle assistant.

Bartlett Lumber and Coal Co.,
C. G. Bartlett proprietor; Arvil
Paul, assistant.

Chevrolet Garage and Oil Sta-
tion, T. J. Baldwin, proprietor;
Tom Moore and Alan Entwistle,

Rooming House Mrs. Winnie
Walters, proprietress

Creamery and Produce — Carl
G. Milstead, proprietor; Mrs. Mil-
stead, assistant.

Boughton Garage and Oil Sta-
tion, Mrs. Julia Boughton proprie-
tress; Ray Banker and Earl Wig-
gam, assistants.

J. E. Roach Furniture Com-
pany, J. E. Roach and Son, E. J.,
proprietors; Tom Somers, assistant.

Pool and Billiard Parlor, Hilko
Remmers, proprietor; George Ro-
senberger, assistant.

Hardware and Repairing, T. E.
Burns, proprietor.

Harold Krueger, Barber, in the
basement of the Burns building.
Center Block —

Baldwin's Happy Hour Store
James A. Baldwin, proprietor,
Mrs. J. A. Baldwin. Miss Eldeen
Hornickel, Raymond Endres, Earl
Spence and Harry Jacobs assist-

Masonic and Eastern Star lodg-
es in hall upstairs.

Virginia Theatre Mr. and Mrs.
F. W. Kaiser, proprietors; Wil
liam Zorn and Alvin Brown, as-

John Deere Farm Implements,
Ward Collins, manager; Joe Ri-
bordy and James Fraher, assist-

Tavern, Wiford Graham, pro-
prietor, Joe Hummel, assistant.

General Store, Charles Dorsey,

Cash and Carry Grocery, J. W.
Heiken. proprietor: Mrs. Heiken
and son, Jack, assistants.

Plaindealer office, S. J. Porter-
field and son K. R. proprietors
(also handle radios and refriger-
ators). Assistants. Miss Clarice
Gerbracht. Mrs. August Crites and
Raymond Rosenberger.

Individual Mausoleums Music
and News, L. J. Haberkorn, pro-
prietor; Miss Marie Klehm, assist-

Clothing Store.Geo. V. Robinson
proprietor. Leo Paul, assistant.

Cafe, R. B. Stephenson, proprie-
tor. Mrs. H. V. Finefield, Mrs.
Charles Wells, Mrs. Mary Wilker-
son and Miss Rosana Nimbler as-

Confectionery, A. F. Gerbracht,
proprietor; Mrs. A, F. Gerbracht
and Mrs. Clinton Seright, assist

Dry Goods, Dorsey Sisters, pro-

Chatsworth Locker Plant, Jas.
Mauritzen and Donald Askew,
proprietors. Raymond Gerbracht,
Robert Askew, assistants.

Insurance and Loans, Chas. F.
Shafer Proprietor; Mrs. Shafer,

Margaret's Beauty Shop, Mrs.
Margaret Blatnick, proprietress.

Public Library, (in the Shafer
building) Mrs. Alice Swarzwalder,

Drug Store, Wm. C. Quinn, pro-
prietor; Robert Milstead, assist-

Telephone Office upstairs. Miss
Myrtle Crites, manager. Miss
Blanche Cline, Miss Margaret
Watson, Mrs. Charlotte Burgess
and J. W. Boyle, assistants.

Tauber's Mercantile Store, Mrs.
Jane Tauber, proprietress. Miss
Esther Leiser and Robert Tauber,

Kenneth Wells Barber Shop in

Wisthuff Hatcheries in building
in rear of Tauber store. Albert G.
Wisthuff proprietor; Clifton
Sleeth and Lynwood Curtis, as-

South Side of Center Block

Grain Elevator, Kohler Bros.,
proprietors. William Tinker and
W. B. Pearson, assistants.

Tavern, Leo Sneyd, proprietor.

Lunch Room, H. H. Gerbracht,
proprietor. Mrs. Gerbracht, as-

Oil Station, Paul Trunk and
Ray Marr, proprietors. They also
handle Skelgas stoves and refrig-
crators, Alice Swarzwalder and
Kenneth McKinley, assistants.

T. P. & W. Station. Agent,
Charles Seth.

East Business Block

Citizens Bank, A. F. Walter,
President, (Deceased). H. A. Ker-
ber and John Koehler, vice presi-
dents. S. H. Herr, Cashier

David's Economy Store. Jer-
ome Bouhl, manager. Miss Mary
Agnes Bouhl, assistant.

Modern Woodmen and Royal
Neighbor lodges and American
Legion in hall upstairs.

Barber Shop, William P. Turn-
er, proprietor, in basement.

Tavern, Vincent O'Neil, pro-
prietor. Norman Schraski, assist-

Shoe Store and Repairing,
Dewey Maplethorpe, proprietor.

Community Grocery, Pliney
Dancey, proprietor. Harold Fine-
field, assistant.

International Harvester Com-
pany, N. M. La Rochelle, proprie-
tor. F. W. Klehm, Glen Clester
and La Verne Klehm, assistants.

Plumbing Shop, Furnaces, Bath
Fixtures, etc., H. H. Rosenboom
and Robert Rosenboom, in their
new building, proprietors.

5c to $1 Store, L. W. Baldauf.
proprietor. Mrs. Baldauf and
son, Maurice, assistants.

Beauty Shop, Miss Teresa Storr

Chiropractor H. N. Sheeley, on
Sixth street one-half block north
of Main street.

East Block, South Side

Chatsworth Feed Mill, Clarence
Frobish. proprietor.

Produce Company, Virgil Lea-
thers, proprietor. Mrs. Leathers
and brother, assistants.

Harness Shop, Ed Marxm.iller,

Garage and Oil Station, George
A. Miller, proprietor.

Electric Shop, C. Louis Ortman,
proprietor. Mrs. Ortman, assist-

Brown Insurance Agency, sec
ond door north of Postoffice. M.
F. Brown and R. A. Adams pro-

Funeral Home, Mrs. P. L. Mc-
Guire and son, Joe. proprietors,
on Fifth street, four blocks north
of Main street.

Funeral Home. J. E. Roach A:
Son E. J., proprietors, on Fifth
street, one block north of Main

Clearing Cabinet Corporation.
Wm. Haberkorn, proprietor, one-
half block south of Main street.

 Businesses of 1967
From "Chatsworth Area Centennial Celebration"
The Business Directory



Maytag building — N. M. LaRochelle
I. C. depot — Paul Kingdon, agent
Lumber yard — F. L. Livingston, Frank Livingston, manager
Elevator — Wm. Livingston, manager


Former Chevrolet Garage — Ashman Farm Service

Vacant lot

Vacant stone building — former egg & cream station of Late Carl Milstead

Home — Mrs. Rose Walters

Buick Garage — Joe Baltz

Vacant building — storage

Barber Shop — Glenn Pearson

Vacant building — Bob Adams plans to move into this

Grocery — Terry Thompson

Hardware — Virgil Culkin


Laundramat — Terry Thompson

Post Office — Karl Weller, postmaster

Hotel — Mrs. Edna Crews


Garage for city machinery


Council Room


Dry goods store — J. C. Kelly

Virginia Theater — L. G. Shoemaker (original Plaindealer Building. 1888

Vacant lot

Living Quarters — C. L. Ortman

Tavern — Walter Frytz (building date 1892)

Grocery — Francis Culkin

Plaindealer office — former Commercial Bank

Adams Agency — Robert Adams

Barber Shop — Harold Kruger (building date 1894)

Variety Store — Donald Higgins (building date 1891)

Tavern — Bill Weems (building "Carney Block")

Coral Cup Cafe -Harold Gullett

Lady Dee Beauty Salon — Mrs. Lloyd Gillett

Office building — Att. Wm. F. Fuhr

Locker and Meat Market — Don Foster

Chatsworth Library — Mrs. Don Haberkom, librarian

Shafer's Agency — Mrs. Nellie- Shafer and Ronald

Fashionaire Beauty Salon — Mrs. Dale Miller

Drug Store — Grant Conibear


The Grand Building

Marr Oil Company — Mrs. Ray Marr

Centennial Headquarters — Charles Culkin, Ch.

Storage room

Lumber yard and elevator office, storage — F. L. Livingston

Hatchery — Lee Loomis

Office — Dr. H. L. Lockner (1 block north)

Masonic Hall — upstairs over bank

Grocery — Charles Costello

Beauty Salon — Louise Arbuckle



Citizens Bank — organized 1903 — building date 1910 — S. H. Herr longest in business

Tavern — Albert Honegger

K of C Hall — over tavern

Electrical Shop — Roy Perkins

Insurance — Phil Kohler, Charles Elliott

Storage building — furniture

Furniture Store — Louis Habcrkorn

Dry cleaning plant — Glenn Heminover

Vacant lot

Heating and Plumbing Shop — Kenneth Rosenboom
Tavem — Stanley and Mabel Wilson

Vacant lot

American Legion Hall

Residence — Mrs. Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Maplelhorpe (former Hansen building — date around 1874)


Variety Store — opposite bank — Morris Baldauf

Gift Shop — Mrs. John Boyce

The Grill— Mr. and Mrs. Walt Lee

Storage — Loomis Hatchery

Oid shoe shop — storage

Ford Garage — Albert Walters

Auctioneers — Leo Gerdes. Jim Trunk, Jack
Donovan. Audrie Haskins
Saw Sharpening — L. A. Shoemaker
American Screen   


Dehm's Welding Shop— old manufacturing plant — Lloyd Dehm


Fire Station
Chiropractor- Edward Schmid


NORTH SIDE i Starting at east end)

Sears Roebuck — P. L. Whittenbarger, manager

Aylco Chemical Co. — Dave Vannice
Bulk Plant — Shell — Curt Stoller
Shell Stat.on — Bob Danforth
Hick"s Station — David McKinley
Hicksatomic Bulk Plant — Tom Edwards, manager

Phillips Station — John Roberts
Drive-In — Mrs. John Roberts

SOUTH SIDE (west edge of town)

Chatsworth Machine Equipment Co. — International Harvester — John Burdash
Body Shop — Don Lowery
Arlene's Hat Shop — Mrs. Kenneth iArlene) Rosenboom

Garage — Charles Dennewitz (2nd longest in business). George Dennewitz
Culkin Memorial Home


Dnve-In — Mr. and Mrs. Walt Lee
Car Wash — Leroy Hawthorne
Garage — Leroy Hawthorne
Truck Equipment — Tom Runyon
Chevrolet-Oldsmobile Garage — Vacant


Drainage & Bridge Construction — B. G. Watson

Car Wash — Irvin Teter
Antique Shop — Martha Teter
Welding Shop — James Stiles
Contractor — Jim Kessinger
Electrical Contractor — Wm. Rebholz
Plumbing Contractor — Joe Johnson
Carpenter — Chester Drilling
Painting Contractor — Richard Dohman
Painting Contractor — Gary Dohman
Trucking — McGreal Bros.
Beauty Salon — Mrs. Clair Zom
 Auctioneers __Jim Trunk, Jack Donavan, Audrie Haskins
Saw Sharpening __L.A. Shoemaker
American Screen
Diller Tile
Ike Dehm's Buses

Businesses of 1980
From "Sands of Time 150 Years Around Chatsworth, Illinois"
West End Locust
Hanna's Plumbing and Heating - Dale Hanna
Bob's Auto Shop - Bob Gerdes
Livingston Lumber - Frank Livingston
Dehm Bus Service - Lyle Dehm
Baltz Sales & Service - Joe Baltz
Sears Sales & Service - Earl Gerber, operator
Robert Adams Agency - Robert Adams
Same building:  Powers Agency - Charles Power
and Caughey, Legner, Freehill - lawyers
Costello's Town & Country - Charles & Maxine Costello
Haberkorn Hardware - Jim & Shirley Haberkorn 
Middle Block
J.C. Kelly Co. - John Kelly
Jim's Barber Shop - Jim Tooley
Candy Tap - Edward & Candy Wragg
Plaindealer - Larry Knilands, editory: Joan Johnson assistant
Touch of Country - Gladys Walters
Drug Store Inc. - Rigsby to Knocke
Higgins Variety Store - Don & Thelma Higgins
Doctors Building - Secoquian & Chen
Shafer-Pearson Agency - Richard Pearson & Ronald Shafer
Charles Elliott - Real Estate
Dr. Mary Chambers -optometrist
Flower Cart - John & Jan Yoder
Small Engines - Joe VanAntwerp
Chatsworth Township Library - Michelle Diller
Ma & Pa's Country Kitchen - Mr. & Mrs. L.A.Shoemaker
Beauty Basket - Pat Stein
Krafty Korners - Armella Weller
East Block
Citizen's Bank - Bud Herr
Dean & Bette's Tavern - Bette Evans
Perkings Electric - Roy & Darlene Perkins
Chatsworth Furniture & Flower - Millie Diller
People's Cleaner - Phil Laufer
Scott's Plumbing & Heating - Mike & Jeanie Scott
Farmer's Pub - Dick Steidinger
American Legion
South Side of East Block
Brown Derby -Pool & Arcade - Blondie Walters
Paint & Body Shop - Clem Sorey
Beauty Shop - Jenise Galloway
Country Companies - Warren Gillette
Kozy Kitchen - Linda Leahy
Bette's Bargin Barn - Bette Nussbaum
Baldauf's 10 Cent Store - Morris Baldauf
South Side Center Block
The Grand - new & used furniture - William Durante
Knapp Enterprises - Harlan Knapp
Quint's Drive-in - Ralph Quint -Rt.24
Tom Feely Garage - Tom Feely
Rebholz Electric - Bill Rebholz
Dave's Tire & Alignment - Dave Frye
Brunton Storage- Dennis Righter
Dehm Welding Shop - Lloyd Dehm
Kaiser Chemical - Roger Wilson
Tim's Service Station - Time Agner
Lady dee Beauty Shop - Dorothy Gillette
Old Chapel Inn - Ruth Davis -South 4th Street
Culkin Funeral Home - Dave Diggle
Mike's Hicksatomic - Mike Brand
Dennewitz Bros. Garage - Charlie & William Dennewitz
Max Moore Garage - Old Phillips 66 Station
Dohman's Body Shop - Gary Dohman
Dick's Super Marker - Dick Kafer
Ace Cartage - Dennis Righter
S.S. Coin Wash - James Sanders - North 4th Street
Nichols Homeshield - Jim Gulliford-factory - Junction of Old Rt.24 and Rt.24
Vicky's Beauty Shop - Vicky Sorey -in her home
Watson's Bridge & Drainage - Cletus & Burnell Watson - 7th Street
Joe Johnson Plumbing -from his home
Dr. Ed Schmid - chiropractor -north 6th Street
Livingston Elevator Grain - William Livingston
Diller Tile - operated by sons and grandsons of Orlo Diller
CAPS -Delmar & Mary Hoelscher
Wheeler Farm Equipment - Don Wheeler
Etta's Beauty Shop - Etta Knittles -in her home
Maxine Zorn Beauty Shope -in her country home
Virginia Miller Beauty Shop - in her country home
Jim Trunk - Auctioneer
L. Shoemaker - saw sharpening - in his home

 2009 Businesses

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