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100 YEARS AGO 1915

100 YEARS AGO 1915
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The Plaindealer is a Friday paper during this year and changed to a Thursday paper about April.
Publisher and Editor is P. E. Prink.
Mayor elect is Albert Walter. Others on the board are John Brown, Arthur Cording, Fred Harbeke and 
Charles Roberts.
(Town born if not Chatsworth)
Homer C. Hurt
Elery Perkins  Photo
Floyd Edwards
Dr. Edward J. Schmid (Milan)
James A. Wilson (Danforth)
Bernice (Wallrich) Henricks
Florence (Carlson) Gerdes (Piper City)
Carl E. Kyburz
Catherine (Reed) Davisson (Frankfort, Wis.)
Edward J. Dietz
Dwaine Lighty
Mabel (Bayston) Harms
Joseph Mianoway (Canada)
Jayne (Tallman) Brunskill (Pontiac)
Helen (Kurtenbach) Culkin  Photo
Thelma (Chatt) Higgins (Veedersburg, Ind.)  Photo
Violet (Kemnetz) Dohman (Strawn)
Maurie (Wood) Elliott (Barrington Cty.,Ky.)  Photo
Vernon Perkins  Photo

Charles Thomas Hanley
Mrs. Peter (Mary Bendow) Shroyer
James Walsh
Theodore Wienand, Sr.
Mrs. John (Catherine Seifort) Lockner
Samuel Hargrove
Mrs. Thomas (Ellen Kane) Corbett
Louis Haberkorn
George Minz, Sr.
Earl Raymond Pemberton
Mrs. A.J. Brigham
Conrad Hornickel
Ernest E. Bargmann
Thomas Entwistle
Mrs. Claus (Anna Katherine Beckman) Beckman
Edna Aldeen Grosenbach
Mrs. John (Anna Blackshaw) Broadhead
Mrs. Charles (Mary Pearson) Stephens
Mrs. John (Mary Zirkel) Boehle
Evelyn Leona Cording
Sylvanus Furr
Mrs. Albert (Edith Bruns) Ommen
John Knittles
Levi Houseworth
William Bell, Jr.
Mrs. Adam (Katherine Elizabeth Stormer) Grosenbach
Joseph Sneyd
William S. Hall (Civil War Hero)
E.R.V. Wilson (Civil War Hero)
Nicholas Froebe (Civil War Hero)
Meritt Free
Albert Hager
Kate F. Taggert
Mrs. Michael (Eva Nimbler) Streun
Christian Sommers
George Reisch (Civil War Hero)
Mrs. J.B. (Johnanna Dorthea Kropp) Elfrink
Ernest Reavis
Mrs. Charles (Myrtle Stanford) Curtis
Mrs. L.C. (Ara Lu Joseph) Ross
Mrs. Adolph (Grace Bargman) Hoppe
Albert Bork
Mrs. Anton (Elizabeth Johnson) Wolken
Henry F. Dalton
Jacob Donomann

(Town of Marriage if not Chatsworth)

Wesley Attig & Emma Killmer
Ruth Camerson & Martin Brown (Elliott)
Pearl Knight & William Kemmer
Viola Shols & Luther Sharp
Gertrude Endres & F.C. Coleman
Kathryn Debuhr & Henry Hornickel
Edith Dalton & Theodore Meisenhelder
Mary Dehm & Wallace Wallrichs (Charlotte)
Jennie Bangs & Wilford Cooney (Chicago)
Edna Mae King & Walter J. Grieder
Elizabeth Hornickel & Joseph Kemnetz
Minnie Lighty & Clinton Serene (Paxton)
Myrtle Mae Quantock & Albert Faragler (Pleasant Ridge)
Jennie Lemmel & Vernon Marr (Bloomington)
Emma Knittles & Elmer Koestner (Watseka)
Kathryn Fallburg & Dr. A.T. Spath
Christine Miller & Joseph Miller
William Edwards & Louise Bauscher (Freeport)
Julia Rose & Joseph Boughton
Laverna Slater & Joseph O'Neil (Peoria)
Edna O'Toole & Dana Danforth
Ethel Milstead & Earl Watson
Sadie O'Malley & Claude Carroll (Pontiac)
Gladys Clark & Floyd Spence (Kankakee)
Martin Brown & Ruth Ellyn Cameron (Elliott)
Jessie Dann & Perry Eby
William Kueffner & Clara Crawford (Colorado)
Emma Hasburger & Fred Gleseking (Kankakee)
Esther Harms & Ernest Sharp
Elsie Adams & Carl Milstead

Traub Store Burns
June Krager Auto Accident
T.E. Baldwin & Sons Store Burns
Jerry Baldwin Auto Accident
James Carney's 50th Anniversary
William Morgan Bell Killed
James A. Smith's 70th Birthday
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Speicher Visit
25th Wreck Anniversary Story
Stephen Herr's 50th Anniversary
Christian Sommers Hangs Self
Henry Haberkorn's 25th Anniversary
Jerome Morton Shot In Neck-A Mystery!
Monument Erected-Hagaman Sisters Story
Albert Bork Found Dead-Another Mystery!

Other Facts 
Earl Trunk opened a clothing store.
W.C. Quinn buys out Eldon Speer Drugstore.
Albert Walter sold his business but not his building.
Rev. H.F. Schreiner is the Methodist pastor.
Rev. E.C. Hearn is the SS. Peter & Paul's pastor.
Rev. A.A. Hahn is the St. Paul's Lutheran pastor.
Rev. S.W. Moehl is the Evangelical pastor, with several assistants.

Other Facts Not Found in the Plaindealer

J.A. Leggate moved to town and opened a lunchroom in The Grand building. Later he moved it to a building in the middle of the center block.
Dr. Blumenschein became a dentist here with an office in the Citizen's Bank building.
Larry Power took over the barber shop under the Burns building.
Dr. F.W. Palmer opened an office here.
William Lowenstein opened a confectionery and ice cream parlor in The Grand building.
C.N. Jacobs bought the motion picture show from Frank Russell.
P.E. Prink bought the Plaindealer from J.A. Smith and moved it to a building north of the alley behind the Citizen's Bank.
All of the metal awnings on the east end of the center business block were brought down by a heavy snow.
Mike Sampson took over the electrical business.
Sources: Chatsworth Area Centenial
The History of Chatsworth, Illinois by L.J. Haberkorn