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100 YEARS AGO 1913

100 YEARS AGO 1913

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The Plaindealer is a Friday paper during this year and is
published by James A. Smith, editor, with Clarence H. Smith as local editor.
In December they sell the paper to P. E. Prink.

J.C. Corbett is Mayor and in April, John Brosnahan is elected.


The place of marriage is in ( ).
Mrs. Kate Daube & Henry Berlet
Mrs. Kathryn Deitz & Joseph Endres
Helen Wolken & John Gerdes
Lillian Law & Edward W. Weirmiller
Elzada Hallam & George W. Metz
Bert M. Hayen & Florence Lighty (Forrest)
Nellie Louise O'Malley & Edward M. Rebholz
Helena Monahan & Michael Meister
Mary Endres & Charles V. Endres
Katherine Kurtenbach & Walter B. Hummel
John Harrington & Gertrude Huston (Gibson City)
Josephine Haberkorn & Frank Zimmerman (Watseka)
Louis Behrns & Meta Flessner (Charlotte?)
Sophia Weller & Edward Spitz
Gertrude Turner & Merritt James Magby (Montana)
Mae Snyder & Lawrence Manning (Arkansaw)
Roy C. Entwistle & Katherine Kant (Streator)
Olive Cooper & Earl Branson (Champaign)
Elmer Huttenburg & Nora Trigger (Melvin)
Carl Gerbracht & Mary Pils (Chenoa)
Nell Berlet & William Kelper (Pontiac)
Pauline White & Alvin Farr
Joseph John Deitz & Josephine Sutton (Pontiac)
Rose Alberta Hasbargen & Albert G. Walters (Pontiac)
Catherine Branz & Henry Nading
Elizabeth Kant & George Miller (Streator)
Anna Wurmnest & George Meisenhelder (Pontiac)
Blanche Hagaman & James Melvin
William Hoppe, Jr. & Mrs. Anna Vetter (Fairbury)
Emma Glabe & Fred Warner
Selma Harms & Wilbur Edwards (Topeka)
John Ewerks & Lena Hansen (Ashkum)


Bernice Lindquist
Mrs. Henry Post
Mrs. Theodore (Anna Gerdes) Wienand, Jr.
Dr. Charles T. Brockway
Jacob Schade
Mrs. John (Ella Speicher) Shawl
Mrs. John (Margaret) Donahue
Mrs. Charles (Francis Crozier) Bayston
Mrs. James (Pauline Sokol) Keefe,Jr.
Marshall E. Milstead
William Wallace Sears
Mrs. Bennett (Hannah Storey) Pearson
Mrs. John (Sophia Ruppel) Berlet
Samuel C. Kirk
Mrs. Daniel (Mary Lynch) Sullivan
Mrs. Oltman (Antje Debubr) Voss 
Warren E. Esty
Sterling L. Bailey
Henry Hiram Brace
Dr. George T. Carson
Florence Elizabeth Flack
John Menke
Mrs. Terrance (Anna Mary Mauritzen) Burns
John Ryan
Mrs. Owen (Anna Cleary) Murtaugh
Fern Katherine Flack
Mrs. Isaac (Catherine A. Willis) Williams
Ommo Eiben Ommen
Mrs. Marshall (Matilda Jane Pendleton) Ellingwood
Cyrus T. Ames
Marshall Cassingham Hahn
George M. Harmon
Lester Gerth
Mrs. James (Harriet Dennis) Wiley
Miss Bernice Harney
Martin Ostertag
Robert Rumbold
Miss Alma King Shepherd
William Pearsall
George Burnell Meisenhelder
Orvin Britton
John W. Mauritzen
Tabina Maxine Walters
Emmett J. O'Connor
Verna Ruth McMahon
Jonathan S. Townsend
Mrs. Albert (Gertrude) Conrad
Mrs. J. Henry (Anna Marie) Falck

Graduates of 1913
Elsie Adams
Margeruite Brown
Nelle Caughey
Selma Harms
Joe Kerrins
Earl Meister
Joseph O’Neil
Laverna Slater  

The I.C. Railroad and T.P.& W. are still running passenger trains.
The Household Science Club is formed. (This is the forerunner to the Home Bureau & Home Extension Association.)
The Owls Club is mentioned. I believe this was in the Harbeke Building.
The Sol Klehm and James Cooney families move to Iowa.
William Kurtenbach family moves to Peoria.
The Chatsworth Amusement Club puts on a ball in the Grand.
The first paper towels are used in the public schools.
Carl Kneifel opens the first dry cleaners establishment.
The corner stone is laid for the German Lutheran Church on April 1.
Frank Russell takes over the picture show from Rosensweet.
Ed Marxmiller moves here and goes to work for Robbins Harness shop.
Ross Haberkorn is appointed fire marshall.
Father Van der Hagen moves into the home on the N.E. corner of the Catholic Church, second house from the corner, formerly owned by Thomas Corbett.
George Watson and Edward Entwistle exchange properties. Georges's house is the block house in the NE part of town, built by him and  Entwistle house in in the Entwistle Subdivision.
April 18, John Brosnahan is elected Mayor.
In May the Chatsworth Hospital is sold to Dr. O.J. Sloan and Dr. L.I. Lamb.
September 19 the Plaindealer celebrates 40 years.
E.R. Stoutemyer and Sam Stadler start their Purebred & Saddle Horse business at the Stoutemyer farm.
Fred Warner is the new T.P. & W. agent, replacing Clarence Dorsey.
Dr. Blumenschine is the new dentist.
"Zeke" Ferrias is pitching for the Grand Rapids ball club.
Cubs draft Elmer Kostner for $2,500 a year.
The Chatsworth Study Club is mentioned.
Librarian is Mrs. L.J. Haberkorn.
A Chatsworth Gun Club is mentioned.
James A. Smith & Sons sell the Plaindealer to P.E. Prink.
Riley sells his grocery business to M.F. Brown and firm, is now Truck & Brown.
The new, brick Lutheran Church is built and dedicated on September 26.
Charlotte Post Office will close January 1914.
Chatsworth has seven civil war veterans living here.
A.K. Pratt
John Speer
S.S. Hitch
E.V. Wheaten
J.S. Doolittle
R.H. Bell
James Bergan