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100 Years Ago 1917

100 YEARS AGO 2017

P.E. Prink is publisher and editor of the Chatsworth Plaindealer
It is a Thursday issue.

(Place of birth if not Chatsworth, if known)
Grace (Hornickel) MCGonigle (Germanville)
Mary (Endres) Hays (Livingston Cty.)
Bernadine (McEnvoy) Fugate (Bloomington)
Dorothy Weller
Esther Jardine) Neuzel (Gibson City)
Rev. Harley Curtis (Kentucky)
Albert "Blondie" Walters
Gladys (Wilson) Wilson (Tennessee)
John P. Kelly
Ruth (Thompson) Shafer (Bowen)
Augusta (Ulitzsch) Schlemmer (Milford)
Cecele (Bergan) Sterrenberg
Alvin Palmer
Stella (Wojtowicz) Nickrent (Red City)
Ardis Bohannon
Thelma (Ward) Spall (Roberts)
Agnes (Shell) Wilkens

(Place married if not Chatsworth, if known)

Edward Lang & Bertha Elliott (Indiana)
Frank Trunk & Marian Matern (Cabrey)
Fredrica DeBuhr & Walter Grosenbach (Chicago)
Jerry Gelmers & Angelina Rosenboom (Charlotte)
Peter McGuire & Kathryn Healy (Wenona)
Josephine Game & W.A. Dicus (Streator)
Conrad Heppe & Opal Taylor (Bloomington)
Paul Trunk & Laura Kratz
William Turner & Marcia O'Toole
Charles Jensen & Louise Rosenboom
John Baldwin & Gladys Ryan
John Beagle & Vina Crites


Ella Carney
Mrs. Michael (Mayme C. Carney) Murphy
Orville Hummel
Mrs. Jacob (Mary Ann Grisbaum) Rehm
Joseph Peter Kratz
Jerry Gelmers, Sr.
Luvella Attig
Albert Johnson
Catherine Kemmer
Mrs. William (Jerusha Montague Woodbury) Dewees
Brenton Lealand Miller
Mrs. Elisha (Henrietta) Levering
Grace Susan Uphoff
Rev. H.T. Pierson
John Wurmnest
Gideon Sheldon
Mrs. Michael (Mary E.) Karney
David Albee
Mrs. Lebbeus (Elizabeth) Curtis
Claude Wayne Wilson
Mrs. Timothy (Lovina Amelia Ward) Desmond
Edward Farragher
John F. McMillian
Joel L. Doud
Michael Fay
Mrs. Gustavaus (Anna Mary Koestner) Koehler
Eben J. Pearson 
John Boehle, Jr. *WWI
James Anthony Sokol *KIA WWI
James Scott Doolittle *Civil War
Benard Feely
Henry Beam
Mrs. Joseph (Ellen Pierson) Hubly
Dwight Davis
Mrs. Archibald (Louise Harmon) McMullen
Frank Murphy
Fred Rocke
Abraham Van Alstyne
Mrs. James (Margaret McCarthy) Welsh


Edith Askew
Clarice Gerbracht
James Murtaugh
Everette Strawn

St. Patrick's
Gertrude Haberkorn
John Bagle



f465.jpg c-sokol picture by lilmar1942
James Antone Sokol-KIA
Went down with the sinking of the S.S. Motano

John Boehle, Jr
Headstone of John Boehle, Jr. 
Drowned in the Great Bear River at Fort Sill, OK.


M.E. Church pastor is H.F. Schreiner
Evangelical Church pastor is M. Gronwald
St. Paul's Lutheran Church pastor is A.A. Hahn
First Baptist Church pastor is H.T. Pierson
St. Peter & Paul's Church pastor is Father E.C. Hearn

Advertised in the Chatsworth Plaindealer

Baldwin & Garrity
N.G. Norman Shoe Store
Ernst Ruehl-Coal & Lumber
Commercial National Bank
My Store-Groceries-A. Cording
Chatsworth Hospital-Dr. O.J. Sloan
C.V. Ellingwood-M.D.-Office in the Baldwin Building
T.C. Seeright-M.D.-Office next to the Art Gallery
H.M. Kyle-Veterinary Surgeon & Dentist
W.T. Bell-Dentist-Office in the Burns Building
Edward Robbins-Harness & Horse Furnishings
T.E. Baldwin & Son-General
The Model Garage-C.J. Schade
Dreamland Theater
The Kozy Theater (in October)
Barbers-at one location-Edward Cooney, L.S. Power, W.P. Turner
Automotive Repair-Charles J. Schade
North Livery-Carney Brothers
Men's Clothing Store-Joe Miller
Clara Rowcliffe-Piano & Organ Lessons
Quinn's Drugstore
Baylor Bros.-General
F. Harbeke/John Silberzahn-Blacksmithing
C. Rumbold-Insurance

Joseph Walsh is tax collector for Germanville
H. Royal is tax collector for Chatsworth


Chatsworth Gun Club-C.H. Schade is secretary
W.M.S. of the Evangelical Church
Royal Neighbors
Household Science Club
Chatsworth Red Cross
The Needle Club
Catholic Women's League
K. of C.
Dorcas Society of the M.E. Church