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100 YEARS AGO 1912
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The Plaindealer is a Friday paper during this year and is
published by James A. Smith, editor, with Clarence H. Smith as local editor.
The Plaindealer has a Magazine Section.


Fashions of 1912


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This happened on a Sunday afternoon about 5:30 pm.
The original German Lutheran Church is destroyed.
Roof taken from the T.P. & W. depot
Charley Dorsey's Barn
The Thurner home
The P.J. Lawless farm
3 Killed in Campus 

Gertrude (Dorsey) Hoppler
Clara Eby
Henry Branz
Lucy (Haag) Pearson
Milford C. Irwin
Edna (Lee) Gillett
Mary (Brennen) Johnson
Irene (Lear) Runyon
Verne Swift (Nebraska)
Leland L. Koerner
Irene (Kerrins) Raboin
William Hanna (Oklahoma)
Elsie (Martin) Fehr
Alfred C. Ehman (Mendota)
Charles Watters
Clarence Kemnetz
James Dale Bergan
Peter Raymond Kurtenbach

The place of marriage is in ( ).
Josephine Hull & Milo Bitters
John Gingerich & Mayme Penwitt
Henry Stehle & Sophia Hornstein
Robert Rosenboom & Olga Traeger
Elnora Hass & Howard C. Bayston
James Chadwick & Grace Fitzgerald (Decatur)
H.W. McCulloch & Kathyrn Toler (Milford)
Cassius Cohenour & Grace Phipps (Chicago)
Ecke Janssen & George Rosendahl
Ida Felt & Bert Miller
Mary Fandel & Henry Todden
August Foreburger & Clara Schmitt
Gertie Bork & Bert Gravel
Johannah Neading & George Conrad
Agnes Walter & George Conrad
Sophia Storr & John Rock
Mayme Kratz & James Reeves
Hilda Harmon & Louis Styger
Mrs. Katie Breden & George Berlet
Peter Freehill & Mary E. Crawford
Mary Cronin & Thomas Kerrins
Julia Snyer & James Shaughnessy
Lucille Agnes O'Toole & Lawrence Simon Power
Genevieve Quinn & Thomas McKenna (Colorado)
Katherine Wallrichs & John Feely
Rita Thorn & John McMahon (Cullom)
Mayme Penwitt & John Gingerich
Lydia Walter & Walter Chester
Mrs. Mary Brosnahan McMahon & Paul Williams (Pontiac)
Isabelle Ferrias & Roy Hawthorne
Eleanore Haase & Homer Bayston
Katherine Bangs & Philip Dade (Springfield,Mo.)
Trentje Thessfield & Gerd Rosenboom
Vera Althere & John P. O'Connell
Minnie Margaret Haase & John G. Sterrenberg
Ella Pyle & Harley West (Piper City)
Samuel Todden & Teresa Fontel (Peoria)
Anna Metz & Mano G. Harms
Edward Kant & Selma Winniger (Streator)


Read obits here.
Mrs. Valentine (Anna Willis) Wurmnest
Joseph McMahon - Civil War
Samuel Patton - Civil War
D.J. Stanford - Civil War
Joseph Watson - Civil War
Nellie Kurtenbach
Clarence F. Kemnetz
John Kemnetz
Mrs. Samuel Eby
John Cronin
George Stanford
Mrs. Mary (Glinnen) Monahan
Samuel Patton
Dorsey Infant
Mrs. Bridget (Godfrey) Walsh
Mrs. William (Mina Gordon) Hercules
Joseph H. McMahon
Jacob Gerbracht
Mrs. William Bailey
Howard Lewis Krebs (infant)
Henry Ruppel
James Piercy
Grant Phipps
Mrs. Katie (McBride) McElligott
Marie (Rosenboom) Shine
David J. Stanford
Carl Wrede
Adam Shafer
Andrew Jackson Eby
Margaret (Morganstern) Schoder
John Sullivan,Sr.
Jacob Rehm
Mrs. Mary Martin
Mrs. Clementine (Wienand) Haberkorn
Mrs. Martha (Hallaman) Luteson
LaGoar Harmon
Lemna Infant
Mr. Matilda (Turpitt) Cunnington
William Libby
Antone Kemnetz
Mrs. Mary (Cummins) Shaughnessy
Henry Wurzberger
Mrs. George (Sarah) Ketchum
Martin Kueffner
Henry Rosenboom
Oltman Voss
John L. Saathoff
Nellie Kurtenbach
William Shols

Graduates of 1912

Bloice Cunnington
Elmer Froebe
Golda Foreman
Emma Glabe 
Eunice Shols
Russell Spiecher
Teachers were Mabel Bond, Ann Baxter & William Baylor

A.J. Sneyd is President of the Town Board
J.B. Grotevant becomes superintendent of electric light plant.
Franz Zorn family moves to Chatsworth.
January thru March, many familys are leaving Chatsworth
William Traubs move to New York
Mabel Bond becomes principal of CHS 
Stoddard Elevator is built south of Chatsworth
Krebs Studio take over Linder Studio
Garrity & Baldwin store is remodeled on front entrance
Library holds a dance benefit at the Owl's Hall - proceeds go to the library
Chatsworth has a Needle Club, 500 Club, 
Basketball in being played at the Owl's Hall
A hospital in Chatsworth is named the Chatsworth Sanitarium