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Chatsworth Streets and Homes

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Haase-Johnson Wedding
Karney-Kurtenbach Wedding
Plunge from Window Proves Fatal-the Minnie Meisenhelder Story
Brown Saloon Changes Hands
Will Make Two Houses of One
Child Drowned-the Jerome Edward Reising Story
Robert Rumbold-80th Birthday
John Saathoff's 50th Anniversary
Oldest Broom Maker-the Milo Miller Story
New Mercantile Firm-Baylor Bros.
Shevely-Lamb Wedding
Hornstein-Kemnetz Wedding
Gerbracht-Ortlepp Wedding
Barbershop Changes Ownership-the William Hummel Story
Becker-Klehm Wedding
Gerdes-Walters Wedding
Lyons-Hummel Wedding
James S. Doolittle 83rd Birthday
John Walter 88th Birthday

Herman G. Rosendahl
Mrs. Peter (Elizabeth Rossman) Reising
Idella Royal
Mrs. Rolf (Agte) Beckman
Henry W. Benham
Richard Hitch
Mrs. Rosina O'Neil
Mrs. William (Mary Ann Jeffery) Frame
Mrs. Frank (Rosina) Streun
Hattie Sans
Grace Harris
Andrew Brennen
John McGreal
Mrs. Ulrich (Recka Freiden) Hippen
Captain Henry P. Turner
Timothy Donovan
Mrs. James (Rebecca M. Stateler) Dougan
Daniel O'Brien, Sr.
John Moran
Leander Hamilton
Mabel F. Perkins
James Madison Myers
Lawrence Farrell
Mrs. Henry (Hanna N. Husted) Sheperd (Shepherd)
Frank Sears
Jerome Edward Reising
John G. Bruns
Claus Jacobs
Manilla Pansy Welker
Fred C. Dassow
Thomas Grayson Meister
Mrs. James (Katherine Whalen) Kane
Mrs. James (Eliza Jessup) Brydon
John Klehm
Margaret L. Stoutemyer
John Thiel
Thomas H. Aaron
Joseph Hubly
Mrs. Henry (Anna Martha Wurmnest) Berlet
Mrs. Samuel (Alice Pearson) Puffer
Mrs. John (Margaret M. Williams) Becker
Mrs. John Moran
James H. Linn
Zophra Dorsey
Emmet Leo Cady
Harry Rowcliffe
Mrs. Samuel (Elizabeth Lewis) Webster
Charles Riess


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