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Chatsworth Streets and Homes

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Wednesday, April 22

A Good Deed that Should be Noted.

I read this in the Kankakee Daily Journal today and thought that it should be recognized. 
Hooray for Belleville, Illinois!!

BELLEVILLE — Acquaintances of a homeless man who died in southwestern Illinois are coming together to give him a proper funeral. The Belleville News-Democrat reported Randy Glore will be buried Monday in Belleville. Someone found the 56-year-old's body on March 27 behind a gas station dumpster. Overnight temperatures had fallen to near freezing. The official cause of death was exposure to the elements. Those who knew Glore described him as friendly and a talented singer. He'd perform at open-mic nights at an area club. The director of Mount Carmel Cemetery, Joe Hubbard, knew Glore. He supplied a gravesite. Faith Baptist Church is providing a bus for friends to attend Monday's service. Steven Mueller Florist is providing the flowers. Mueller said "nothing makes" him "sadder than someone without flowers at his funeral."

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