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****June Updates****

Earliest photo of Chatsworth

JUNE 27, 28, 29

Visit all the old and new Places that reflex our history.
And enjoy the free music and carnival. 
Dennwitz Garage
Hornickel Gas Station
To get you in the mood, read about our Founding Father,   The Oliver Family . This is a 2 page history.


Edward Fincham-not found yet.


I have completed the years 1921-1925 from the Plaindealer.

There are also new entries in Obits of 1894 thru 1900 Obits from the Chatsworth Plaindealer 1884-1885-188
                                                                                                and 1897 thru 1899    and 1900 thru 1901

Central Illinois Connection Center                             


Honor all Veterans on Memorial Day 




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Chatsworth proclaimed 

"Bluebird Capital of Illinois"

Posted by Paul Ritter on Facebook
Mayor Richard Runyon at far left, attends ceremony at Springfield.
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