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For further research I suggest using "Family Search"
This is a free site with lots of info. There are old Chatsworth census , marriage records and death records from the past.


Chatsworth Streets and Homes

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This is one of the oldest photos of Chatsworth ever put on a post card.

To see a larger view click here.


The Chatsworth Sesquicentennial Coin is for sale. 
Every coin is numbered and there will be 5 drawings to win cash 
with the top prize of $1000. Two $500 and two $250.
The coins are $25 each and $5 extra for mailing.
The first drawing is this year during Chatsworth Patriots Day in September.
Make checks payable to the Sesquicentennial Committee
Sesquicentennial Committee
PO Box 151
Chatsworth, Illinois 60921



For anyone wanting to honor a family member or friend who served in the military, the banners are $200 each. Donations to the Citizens Advisory Board pays for the hardware to hang them. They have become great gifts for some families. Anyone wishing to purchase a banner may contact the Town Hall or Mayor Richard Runyon at 



 Pre-1950 Vintage USA Antiques And Tractor Museum

Open Every Saturday Thru August

10 am to 2 pm

Rt. 24 across from the Dollar General

For more information call-"Snooky"-815-848-3030 or "Red Eye"-815-848-3286

See photos of some of what you will see inside.

They will be adding more items in the coming year.


*****JULY UPDATES******


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This site started originally as one page on my family website in 2001 about the "Chatsworth Wreck", which has always been of interest to me,and a few pictures in my albums.
As I accumulated more and more information from books and online, it took so much storage space that I started
"Chatsworth Illinois Memories" as a site of it's own in 2002.

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