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Chatsworth Streets and Homes

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***********APRIL UPDATES**********

New Obits

New Photos

New Items

New addition to the "Chatsworth Politicians" page.
J. R. Miller-Iowa State Senator & Representative

New Files From the Chatsworth Plaindealer

Miss Ella Carney
Mrs. Michael (Mayme Carney) Murphy
Orville Hummel
Mrs. Jacob (Mary Anna Grisbaum) Rehm
Joseph Peter Kratz
Jerry Gelmers, Sr.
Luvella Attig
Albert Johnson
Catherine Kemmer
Mrs. William (Jerusha Montague Woodbury) Dewees
Brenton Miller
Mrs. Elisha (Henrietta) Levering
Grace Susan Uphoff
Rev. H.T. Pierson
John Wurmnest
Gideon Sheldon
Mrs. Michael Karney
Elizabeth Curtis
Claude Wayne Wilson
Mrs. Timothy (Lovnia Amelia Ward) Desmond
Edward Farrahager
John F. McMillan
Joel L. Doud
Michael Fay
Mrs. Gustavaus (Anna Mary Koestner) Koehler
Eban J. Pearson
Joseph Boehle, Jr.
James Anthony Sokol
James Scott Doolittle (Civil War Hero)
Bernard Feely
Henry Beam
Mrs. Joseph (Ellen Pierson) Hubly
Dwight Davis
Mrs. Archibald (Louise Harmon) McMullen
Frank Murphy
Fred Rocke
Mrs. James (Margaret McCarthy) Welsh
Abraham Van Alstyne

Mrs. John Watson
Miss Effie M. Nash
Charles A. Molitor
George Rebholz
Katie Wurmnest
Dr. W.H. Badgley
Aaron Brown
Patrick Bergan
Miss Maggie Joyce
Sebastian Herr
Carl Ziegerath
Mrs. Barton Helenwicks
Miss Maria Marshall
William Baldwin
Michael Bergan

Frieden-Endres Wedding
Luvella Attig Killed
David Albee Commits Suicide
Fire at Charlotte
Chatsworth Soldier Boy Drowns-The Joseph Boehle, Jr. Story
Joseph Boehle, Jr. Obituary
Another Home Boy Lost-The James Sokol Story & Obit

Found News Treasures  Added April 16
Story on S.J. Porterfield
Story on Leo Hubly

Sat. April 19
Recycle Day
Contact Chatsworth Library for details


Chatsworth Library Breakfast Fundraiser
Pancake & Sausage
With limited Biscuits & Gravy/Egg Casserole
Sunday, April 27
8 am - 12:30 pm
K of C Hall
Adults-$6 - 10 & Under-$3

May 3, 2014
2-4 pm
Beryl Irwin turns 100 on May 1!!
Card Shower at Chatsworth Methodist Church

************MARCH UPDATES*************



New story added about the drowning death of two teenagers-1931

New Files

Scroll down to that file

Contributed by Eileen Weller

Scroll down to that file
Includes Plaindealer articles of the 1964 Regional Champs, his appointment 
to Dupage and his 1978 appointment to Evanston, Indiana.

New Poem by James E. Curtis

Scroll down to that file

Old Obits 

New article from 1870 listing these names

I.W. Trust
W.W. Sears
R.R. Wallace
J.H. Pratt
W.H. Jones
W.W. Sears
W.E. Esty


They has also been added to the Louis Haberkorn Family file on this page.

Also 8 new photos have been added to the Haberkorn Family Album

Charles Thomas Hanley

James Walsh

Theodore Wienand, Sr.

Mrs. John (Catherine Seifort) Lockner

Mrs. Thomas (Ellen Kane) Corbett

Louis Haberkorn

George Minz, Sr.

Earl Raymond Pemberton

Mrs. John ( Helena Margaret Trunk) Monahan

Pliney Dancey

John Arthur Fitzmaurice


Mrs. Leo (Margaret Roche) Murphy

George T. Cory


Captain Hummel Leaves for Vietnam

Five Sets of Twins Attend Chatsworth High School-Photo

Livingston County Champs of 1938-Photo

Blizzard of 1964 - Two Stories

Retirements of Myra Maplethorpe and James Curtis-Photo

Siegfreid Albrecht serves in Germany

Chatsworth Boys in Car Accident

Alan Haberkorn to Germany




Top Updates 2014

5 photos


Scroll down to the "County Diploma Examination" file
Click view to read. Click download to copy to your computer

Top Updates 2013
April: 2013 Article written by John C. Ackerman in Adventure Sports Outdoors Magazine
Since the link to the article in the magazine has been discontinued, I have found the article on a pdf file 
which can be read by clicking on this page , then the file  "April2013-ASO.pdf" at the very bottom of that page.  

May: A new page has been started at "Find-A-Grave" where you can put your obituaries of those that died in the wreck.  Be sure to check it out. Go Here.
All pics are not captioned yet. This was the largest parade we have had in years due to the addition of the "Relay for Life" tractors and the classic cars . Great Parade !! 
July: New Chatsworth Train Wreck Photo-Only once before published!
August:  Check this out! New on The Great Chatsworth Train Wreck!
As of June, 2013, I am adding links to the names for their memorial or headstone. Notations in (Orange) are corrections on spelling or names as they should have been.
This entire booklet can be viewed on this page. Scroll down to "31st Annual Awarding of Diplomas" file.
October: See some Historic Chatsworth Maps Here
Put Chatsworth in the search box.
November: New Story on the Chatsworth Train Wreck
Scroll down to "Fire In The Grass" file
December: Story of the 1951 Flood and Train Wreck

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