This tutorial was written by me on February 12, 2011. Using PSP X2 but any version will work and for those with working knowledge of  PSP.
 Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

Tube of your choice.
I am using the artwork of Suzanne Woolcott.
You must purchase a license to use this art. You may do so HERE.
The kit is a PTU by Crys from Sinfully Creative Scraps called "Chicky Love". Thank you Crys!
Plugins: VanDerLee -Snowflakes
Eye Candy 4000 - Gradient Glow (Optional)
Font: Hyrule
Mask of your choice.
Animation Shop.

Let's get started

Open a new canvas. Fool fill with white. Add a new raster layer.
Selections - Select All
From the kit open paper2. Copy and paste Into Selection to your canvas.
Apply the mask of your choice. Deselect

Don't forget to add a drop shadow as you go.
Save often.

From the kit open WINDOW re-size by 80% Copy and paste as a new layer to your canvas.
Paste behind the window:
FROG element re-sized by 25% Move to the bottom window.
 BRANCH re-sized by 25% Duplicate layer. Image - Mirror. Move to the top window.

Paste these elements above the window layer:
 GLITTER re-size by 80% paste to the bottom of the canvas. Center to the middle.
Re-size LIGHTS by 45% move to the upper side of the Window.
BUTTERFLY2 re-size by 25% Rotate 20 degrees Left.
Move to the upper/center of the window.

Paste these elements to the bottom of the Window:
NEST re-size by 40% Move to the left side.
LOVE BIRDS re-size by 45%
Re-size the 3 eggs by 20%
CUBE2 by 30% Move to the right side.
CUBE by 25% also move to the right side.
Re-size FROG2 by 30% Move to the top of first Cube.
Re-size CAP by 22% Move to the head of the Frog.
Re-size BUBBLES by 45% Move to the top of the Cap.
Re-size LOVE LETTER by 15% mpve to the top of the yellow cube.
FLOWER 3 and 4 re-size by 15%
Bow 2 by 30%
UMBRELLA2 by 50%

Add your main tube.
Re-size or crop your image is desire and add your name and proper copyright.

Let's now make the RAIN effect:
On your layer palette highlight the Window layer.
Add a new raster layer.
With Freehand selection - point to point select only the "Glass" of the window.
Press Shift to select the second window.
Make sure you are working on the new layer.
(1).-Apply plugin VanderLee - Snowflake with these settings:
Click Image to enlarge
Adjust - Motion Blur: Angle 148 Strength 42
Copy Merged and paste as a new animation to Animation Shop.

Back to PSP

(2).-Click the undo arrow, repeat the undo until you're back to the selected image and repeat pugin (1)
with the exception of changing the "random seed" to 2.
 Continue the directions and this time when you copy merged and go to Animation Shop,
 paste after current frame.

Repeat step (2) one more time.

On Animation Shop you should have a total of 3 frames.
Edit - Select All
Animation - Frame Properties Change the number to 13
You can change the velocity to a higher # to slow down the rain effect.
Play your animation and if you are happy save your tag as GIF.

You are done!

Thank you very much Crys for donate the scrap kit to make this tutorial possible.