This tutorial was written by me on May 11th 2011. Using PSP X2 but any version will work and for those with working knowledge of  PSP.
 Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

Materials needed:

Tube of your choice.
I am using the artwork of Denis Rino.
You must purchase a license to use this art. You may do so at MPT.
The kit is a PTU by Honored Scraps called "Love Everlasting" which you can purchase HERE.
Template by Missy of Divine Intentionz I used # 401
Mask of choice.
Font: P22ZanerFour

Ooº°'`¨´···♥ ♥·.·´¨`'°ºoO

Let's get stared:

Open template 401 in PSP. Re size canvas 700 x 650.
Un hide background layer and flood fill with white.

Delete credit, Wordart & Wordart Shadow 1

Follow these steps when working with shape layers:
Selections ~ Select All ~
Selections ~ Float
Selections ~ Defloat.
Paste paper as a new layer.
Selections ~ Invert and press Delete to your keyboard.
Deselect. Delete original shape from template.

I used PAPER 14 on Rectangle layer.
PAPER 2 on Circle 1
PAPER 6 on Circle 2
PAPER 12 on Square & Copy of Square.
PAPER 9 on Rectangle
PAPER  13 on Square 2.

Select SQUARE2 BACK and flood fill with color #a96ca8
Apply some noise. Deselect.

Open your tube, select an area and paste above square 1
Apply plugin Xero ~ Radiance to tube with these settings:

Select another area of your tube and paste above Copy of Square 1
apply same Radiance setting to tube.

Open SWAG 4 copy and paste as a new layer. Drag layer above
Square 2, re size 58% Move it to the upper side of this square.
Add you main tube, drag to the top.

Open WRAP 3 copy and paste as a new layer above tube, move to the middle of Rectangle. Re size 67%

Open FRAME 3 re size 55% paste as a new layer, drag above Circle 1
 Duplicate layer and re size copy layer 95% move to the left circle.

Open RAIN 2 re size 45% paste above squarte, behing Wrap.

Open STRING 1 re size 85% paste behind Square 2 back.

Re size WATERLILY 1 45% paste as a new layer. move to the left hand side.
Duplicate layer. Mirror.

Open KEY & BOW 2 copy them and paste as a new layer.
Rotate Key 90 degrees left.
Move Bow to the top of key. Merge down bow & key.
Re size 30% and move to the right top of circle.

Open CANDLE 2 re size 40% paste behind Waterlily layer and move to the left hand side.
Duplicate layer ~ Mirror.
Open BUTTERFLY 1 re size 55% copy and paste as a new layer, move to the top left.
Rotate 35 degrees right.
 Open BUTTERFLY 2 repeat same steps as for butterfly 1 move this to the right bottom.

Re size ROSE 2 30% copy and paste to the bottom of the square. Duplicate layer. Mirror.

Crop/ re size your tag.
Add a new raster layer and drag it above the white BG layer.
Selections ~ Select all.

Open PAPER 12 copy and paste into selection. Deselect.
Apply mask.

Add your name and proper copyright.

Thank you for trying my tutorial. Feel free to contact me if you have any  question.