This tutorial was written by me on January 28th 2011. Using PSP X2 but any version will work and for those with working knowledge of  PSP.
 Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

Tube of your choice.
I am using the artwork of Zebrush.
You must purchase a license to use this art. You may do so Pics for Design.
The kit is a FTU by Dreamland Designs called "Season of Love".
Mask: by Laurie Made Me ScrapsLrmasl129
Font: Carpenter Script.
Plugins: Alien Skin Xenofex - Constellation and
DSB Flux - Bright Noise.
Animation Shop

Open a new canvas 650 x 650 Flood fill with white
From the kit open Love Heart resize by 90% Paste as a new layer

On Materials Pallet set background to white and foreground null.
With Eclipse Tool draw a circle a bit larger than the Love heart.
Objects - Align - Center in canvas.
Layers - Convert to raster layer.
Resize copy layer by 97% Selections - Select All - Float - Defloat
Selections - Invert
Paste Paper 1 as a new layer and hit delete in your keyboard.
Selections - Select none.
Delete the duplicate white circle layer.

Add tube of your choice.
Paste  Red Heart Ribbon, drag layer below the tube
Paste White Lace, drag layer below the red ribbon, with eraser tool delete right
and left side outside the circles.

Paste Heart Border as a new layer original size.

Resize Rose Petals by 70% paste as a new layer. Slightly move to the right.
Drag layer to the bottom
Duplicate layer, Mirror.

Resize Love Pendant by 45% paste as a new layer. Drag layer above Red Heart Ribbon
and move to the left.

Resize Flower Budle by 45% paste as a new layer and move to the right side.

Paste Hearts resize by 85% Drag layer to the bottom.
Duplicate - Mirror.

Add your copyright.

 With Text tool add your name.
Set material palette: Foreground null, Background color #bb1c0b
Convert to raster layer if you are creating as a vector.
Selections - Select all - Float - Defloat
Add Bright Noise, Intensity 65
Selections - Modify - Expand 1 pixel
Add a new raster layer and drag this layer below your text.
Flood fill selection with white.
Selections - Select None.
Add Drop Shadow to this white layer.

In PSP, layer palette, highlight Red Heart Ribbon

1.-Effects - Plugins - Alien Skin Xenofex - Constellation:
Apply these settings:

2.- Edit -Copy Especial - Copy Merged
Paste as a new animation to Animation Shop.

Back in PSP undo constellation.
Repeat step 1 but this time just click Random Seed once.
Repeat step 2
4.- Paste over in Animation Shop after current frame

Repeat step 3 & 4
Repeat those steps until you have 4 frames in Animation Shop.

View animation if you are happy with it save as GIF.

Thank you for trying my tutorial. Feel free to contact me if you have any question.

Special THANKS to:
 Trish over at Dreamland Designs who made this lovely kit.
Laurie over at Laurie Made Me Scraps  for all the awesome masks.