Welcome to Chatham-Kent Cursillo

We are part of the Catholic Cursillo Community located in Chatham-Kent in Southwestern Ontario in the heart of the London Diocese.

  "Bright colours deck the fields in springtime

                                             Bright colours clothe the little birds outside.                                          

                 Bright colours paint the rainbow we see shining . . ."

During the days of a Cursillo, the words of this popular Spanish song help the participants to reflect on the multi faceted beauty of creation. In encountering Christ, you have learned to look with new eyes at others, at nature, at everyday events and at life in general. You have experienced that true happiness is found in following the Lord. This personal and community experience must be passed on to others. Many men and women of our time, who unfortunately turn away from God, expect from you the light of faith that will help them rediscover the colours of life and the happiness of feeling loved by God.

                                                                            "Courage! Ultreya!


                                                                      Go forth!"

The Cursillo Movement has as its goal to share with the community the essence of Christianity and Christian values and in this way gradually transform the community from within.



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