Can I Get a Menu, Please? (pt.2)

How to order in Japanese. 

Managing your equipment in Mother 3 is made easy, again, by the use of symbols. If a piece of equipment will increase a character's stats, a red arrow pointing to the increased number will be displayed. If a piece of equipment will decrease a character's stats, a blue arrow pointing to the decreased number will be displayed.

You'll also notice that the box containing the selected character's image will tell you whether it'll increase or decrease that character's stats, or whether or not that particular item is already equipped. (Note that some items increase more than one stat and that the game refers to certain pieces of equipment as being better based on either Offense or Defense alone.)

In stores, the character boxes are used to let you know who can equip what as well as whether or not the item will increase or decrease stats or whether or not it's equipped.