Buying Mother 3

Own a plastic chunk of gaming magic!

Finally, it's here in a form your feeble brain can comprehend!

For a cool $24.90 (plus shipping) you can own this Japanese gem. Just head on over toPlay-Asia to import this five star-rated game.

While you're there, be sure to check out Mother 1+2 and other Mother products, including soundtracks and player's guides.

Also, check out this thread on the Starmen.Net Mother 3 board to see if anyone has a Play-Asia coupon they're not using. Be nice and offer your own after your purchase if you're not planning on buying anything else.


Starmen.Net has a deal with Play-Asia that grants the fan site with a small, but still helpful commission for directing customers to its site.

As long as you visit Play-Asia from Starmen.Net's URL and then buy something there, Starmen.Net will be credited so please keep that in mind whenever you make a Play-Asia purchase.

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