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Places to stay (budget)
Budget rooms in HK are very small. In May 2005 we paid $240HKD for clean aircon triple in old section of Cosmic Guesthouse in Mirador Mansion (58 Nathan Road) and in July 2005 we paid $260 for nicer triple (photo below) in new section. In 2006 we paid $260 for a clean aircon twin room at the Dragon Inn in Mong Kok and in 2007 and 2008 we paid around $300 for twin at the Dragon Hostel, also in Mongkok at the Sincere House. There won’t be much difference in price for a double or single. Decent places available for $260 up dbl. No need to stay in a dirty, unfriendly, or dubious place! There are a few touts in the arcade of the Mirador and many touts in Chungking arcade (36-44 Nathan Road) - not to mention countless GHs. Photo above: Cosmic GH entrance (David & me); photo below: most of the budget rooms really are very small

One way to look for a room is to leave one person with the packs or whatever in the arcade and another person take the elevator to a high floor - I think Mirador has about 16 floors (Cosmic on 13) - and work your way down checking out places and prices. Or you can carry your pack from place to place – no big deal. You're only at a bargaining disadvantage if you look tired or frazzled. Try to negotiate for cost of room, except in high season. Here is a set of photos of nothing BUT budget HK guesthouses and Hong Kong Youth Hostels site. The following are commercial sites and seem to be in financial relationships with the places they list. Most, but not all, listings are good places to stay: http://www.hostelz.comhttp://www.hostels.net/Twizi! listing/ advertisements of low cost guesthouses with photos (map is a little off, e.g., Mirador is much further south), 2Camels listing of guesthouses. Here is a pretty good government site showing registered guesthouses. Photo below: Triple room new section of Cosmic GH.

More and more guesthouses are going on-line and their sites are interesting in terms of seeing what your money will get and also maybe some cultural clues (to what I don't know) in what they choose to show photos of - for example, they all have a hallway photo. Working your way up Nathan Road (toward the north) from the Star Ferry, here are some budget places to stay (all very easily accessible from/to via bus A21):

Cheapest (multiple locations) is Hong Kong Youth Hostels

Close to Star Ferry - YMCA at 41 Salisbury Road is at the beginning (southern end) of Nathan Road. Not a budget place, but people always want to know - the Y is expensive (>$100- $350 USD) but has some harbor view rooms.

Chungking Mansions (36-44 Nathan Road) has countless GHs, some for particular nationalities (Pakistan, Nigeria, etc.). Here is a site with CKM GHs and hostels listed (some websites) The Chungking House has been there for many years. Cheapest place in TST (from drumbrake) is Travellers Hostel, A block, 16Fl, Chungking Mansions - dorm beds are around $60HKD ($7.75USD) a night. Time Travel nearby - good rates. Here is photo of a cheap guesthouse "room" & account of staying in the Chungking Mansions - ¡Ay Caramba! Map of Kowloon: click the map below to read it. Hawaii Guesthouse, Elevator A, rooms $90-160, always full because it's so cheap, must book ahead. New Peking Guest House is recommended by some and has a classic website.

map of Kowloon, Hong KongMirador Mansion (58-62 Nathan Road) has about 15 or 16 floors and is small enough that you can take an elevator to the top and work your way down on the stairs from GH to GH (maybe 15-20 GHs?). The new website for Cosmic GH is spiffer than the Cosmic itself. "We Got Shower in Every Room." Drumbrake, who knows just about everything about HK says, "I think Garden Hostel (3rd floor, Mirador Mansions) is still the friendliest hostel in HK..." Time Travel is near. Garden GH is not the same as New Garden GH, which gets poor reviews on TT. Man Hing Lung Hotel also in Mirador.

Golden Crown Court (66-70 Nathan Road) has several places to stay, including Yiu Fai GH and Wonderful Inn.

Cameron Road (couple of blocks up from Mirador Mansion) - at corner of Nathan and Cameron is the Majestic House, where the Sealand GH is; Star & Lee Garden GHs are on Cameron.

Jordan Road - a block over is Tak Hing Street, where the more upscale Rent-A-Room is.

New Lucky House (300-306 Nathan Road/enter on Jordan in Yau Ma Tei) has several GHs, but none (so far) with websites, including Hakka's, Ocean, Overseas and others. 

Saigon Street is how to get to Woo Sung Street, where you will find the Evergreen Hotel ("We Are Not A 5-Star Hong Kong Hotel").

Cliff Road is halfway between Kansu & Waterloo Roads - Caritas Lodge & Caritas Bianchi Lodge, both on Cliff Road, are more upscale than most of the places in this site. 

Waterloo Road - near Yau Ma Tei MTR is Wing Sing Lane where Salvation Army Booth Lodge has a free-standing building with doubles $490 HK up.

Sincere House is several kilometers up Nathan Road and 2 blocks over on Argyle (6th stop A21 bus from airport). Here you'll find the popular Dragon Hostel (our favorite) and the Dragon Inn (and other places as well). We like this neighborhood better than TST, as it has virtually no touts and very few tourists.

map of Hong Kong EastNear the Mong Kok MTR is Anne Black GH (YWCA) - accepts women & men.

Sham Shui Po, a non-tourist area further north has the Joy Guesthouse and low-cost electronics + assorteds.

Shatin (New Territories) - Ascension House 

Hong Kong Island - Causeway Bay area - Alisan GHNoble Hostel & Wang Fat Hostel. Near North is Yesinn Hostel. Jockey Club Mount Davis Hostel (formerly Ma Wui Hall) for stays elsewhere on Island. More maps here: Click this one to enlarge

Other: Lamma: Sunrise Holiday Resort is  $330-$380 weekdays. Guesthouse - "resort" on Lamma is $350 weekdays cheapest & $660 weekends. Concerto Inn has rooms $480 up + charges. Cheung Chau: Cheung Chau Bed & Breakfast has doubles $390-490 weekdays, up to $790 weekends. Lantau has Mui Wo (good article from SFGate). Augusters Lodge is in Macau - check out the entrance photo. Post questions on lodging and other issues at Thorntree Travel Forum. Photo (below): courtyard hallway to the Dragon Inn

Bed bugs are uncommon in HK, but ... Adult bed bugs are about 1/4 inch long and reddish brown, with oval, flattened bodies. Nymphs are ~size of a pinhead. Eggs are tiny, whitish, and hard to see. Bed bugs usually hide close to where people sleep, e.g., pleats & tufts of mattresses, springs, bed frames, and headboards. Hiding areas are marked by dark spotting and staining from dried excrement; there also may be eggs and eggshells, molted skins of maturing nymphs, and the bugs themselves. Another likely sign of bed bugs is rusty or reddish spots of blood on bed sheets, mattresses, or walls (have a look, using flashlight before paying for room). Bugs are most active in pre-dawn hours. Sources: Univ. of Kentucky & Harvard