¡Happy Birthday David!

¡Feliz Cumpleaños a Grande 21!

Dear Son,

Happy birthday - the Big 21 - maybe not a big deal en España, but still, a milestone. 21 is a good age to be, as I recall.

We are mightily proud of you, Son. And we are thrilled that you are in Europe - a good way to finish off your undergrad career. For me, there is a slight air of unreality to the whole thing. From the beginning through now you have been a blessing beyond measure to your Mom and me. And you have been a blessing for others as well. We are very proud of you/the man you are becoming.

Love, Dad

Buddy say hi, too: MOOF!

Hi my Son,


Can you believe that you’re 21 years old? Trite but oh so true, where did the time go? Tho I’m sure you have no desire to be little again, at every age I remember wishing I could sort of freeze dry you/us and make it last forever. But then the next age would be even better and I’d be wishing again. Now, I wish it could be right now, except you would be with us or the reverse! All of this is just to say that watching you grow up and being a part of your life is the BEST thing ever. I cannot imagine why God would bless me so greatly, but I’ll just say “thank you” and keep taking the blessings.


I don't know how you celebrated your birthday last year in Asia but I suspect there was not a candle and singing involved. So this year (gone again, poo!). get yourself a croissant or something delicious and with or without a candle, sing(or imagine me singing) “Happy Birthday To You!! You can bet that’s what I’ll be doing in the morning when it’s your actual, factual birthday.


Son, I love you more than you can ever imagine. Happy birthday, the big one, and enjoy your special day.


I love you, Mom



Hi David, me again. It makes me a little sad, too, for you to be there & us here for your birthday. If memory serves me, we were on a train heading down VN on your birthday last year. We didn’t sing happy birthday, though. I’m sorry. Mom isn’t happy with me and I don’t blame her. Where would we be without her?


Love, Dad