Driving Pics

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Anochecer CTS and Jessica are members of the 
American Driving Society (ADS) 
and compete regularly in Combined Driving and Pleasure Driving competitions

"A wise driving trainer knows that not all horses are suited to becoming solid driving horses. I started driving 'Chase'  with the intention of keeping him busy until I could break him to ride. I did not plan to turn him into a competitive driving horse. I first 'put him to' (hooked him up to a carriage) at just over two years old, and he was the fastest to the shafts of any horse I have ever broke to drive! 
The below pictures (with the ugly metal breaking cart) were taken by Anochecer CTS' human Grandmother, Susan, who is Alison Visokay's (breeder of 'Chase') mother. He was such a solid driving horse that I had no hesitation to take she and her husband for a cross-country drive with their 'grandson' despite their being closer to their 'golden years' than I! Both of Anochecer CTS' grandparents reported to Alison that 'Chase' was the perfect gentleman, and they both felt very secure! 
Susan told her daughter later that day,  "He even knows 'left' and 'right'! I was amazed at how smart he is!"
I believe in listening to the horse, and Anochecer CTS has demonstrated to me that he loves to drive, so I intend on taking him as far as he can go!"

Jessica Szymczyk, 'Chase's' mom

Combined Driving - Marathon
Photo: Holly Le Williams

Combined Driving - Dressage
Photo: Staci Sperandeo

Combined Driving - Cones
Photo: Omar G Photos

Free Trot
Photo: Holly Le Williams

Urban Driving. Doing our part for the environment!
Photo: Jessica Szymczyk

Breaking Cart Two Years Old
Photo: Susan Bradbrooke

 Two Years Old, Into East Lake Tohopekaliga, Kissimmee FL
Photo: Susan Bradbrooke

Two Years Old, Down the lane
Photo: Susan Bradbrooke