A Child is Born!

Anochecer CTS'
first baby was born March 10, 2010, at 9:45 pm. 
Wasn't that so considerate of Morgan, Stormvu Splendid Wish to have her 
Iberian Warmblood filly
(see Chase's Places F.M.I.)
at a decent hour! 

Congratulations to Velvet S. of Ocala FL!

Mom and Baby at three days old
Baby is a true bay. Dad has the Bay gene!
Photo: Jessica Szymczyk

'Stormy' keeps watch over her first filly
Photo: Jessica Szymczyk

Always a good time for lunch! 
At three days, she too big to fit under mom!
Daddy throws big too! 
Photo: Jessica Szymczyk

Baby practicing for the halter ring
 "Look how square I am!"
Photo: Jessica Szymczyk

"Hey, what do I look like, a hay rack?!"
Photo: Martin Jamieson

"I stick my tongue out at you!"
Photo: Jessica Szymczyk

"I may be a girl, but don't mess with me!
Photo: Martin Jamieson