Introduction to Digital & Interactive Media

Welcome to DIMedia1: DigiDesigns!  This course is project-based and the result will be a design portfolio that you can take away with you.

To help you get oriented to the course, please read through the pages below and be ready for a quiz over them (you have to score 100% on the quiz to go on, but you can retake the quiz if you need to and it's "open-internet" so you'll be successful).

First steps?
  • Read these Orientation pages.  Really read them.
  • Click on several links from the "Project Instructions" pages--read ahead about some of the projects you'll be doing in this course.
  • Introduce yourself in the Introductions Forum of your Classroom Moodle.
  • Read/Respond to people's questions in the Discussion Forums.
  • Begin earning points by submitting assignments.