Chase Alaska is a sparsely populated community just north of Talkeetna.

The purpose of this site is to post relevant community news including the activities of the Chase Community Council, Chase Trail Supervisors, special sub-committees, trail conditions, web addresses that contain items of interest to residents and any other items deemed to be of interest to area residents and property owners.

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8-3-2021- The special Chase Council meeting was attended by all 5 board members: Jerry Boutte, James Tunnell, Donnie Billington, Orville James, Patricia Cox. As it was a special meeting our by-laws state that only the issues stated in the call for the meeting can be addressed at the meeting. As such there were two time sensitive grant applications for the community assistance grants that were presented to the council. James Tunnell presented the two grant requests for review and approval by the Board:

One grant was for improvements to the north end of the Freemans Trail ($5,000). The other grant was for trail work on the entire length of the Nodwell Trail ($10,000).

These two grants addressed priority local trail improvement projects. Both would have cost savings if approved this season to take advantage of an excavator in the area. Work this season will save a lot of time consuming travel to/from the trail and minimize stream crossings. The equipment is currently in the area conducting improvements on the clear creek trail, using grant money approved in past years. The grant applicant for this clear creek project has had a lot of trouble getting anyone to do the work at a rate we could afford. Conducting additional trail improvement projects at this time is determined to be very advisable.

Donnie Billington (a board member) made a motion to approve these two grants on the grounds that they align with the priorities for funding established during previous grant review processes. James Tunnell (a board member) seconded the motion. 4 members of the Board and all Council members present voted in favor of the motion to approve the grants. Orville James abstained from voting due to a conflict of interest. As such these two grants were approved.


7/21/2021            The July meeting was well attended and had a lot of discussion about trail maintenance.

Here is what I remember from the meeting.

Dennis Devore (owner of a popular ATV tour company that uses our trail) informed the board members that starting next year he will no longer be grooming the main trail from the RR Bridge to the gravel pit.

The work that was to be done with grant money on the Clear Creek trail has been mostly done. The excavator is now out near the end of the trail with some work to be done on the way back towards the start of the trail.

The improvements to the clear creek trail spiked a lot of interest in improving some of the other trials in the area. There was a lot of discussion about getting money from this year’s community assistance grant program for work on some of the other trails in the area. Grant applications were handed out and it was noted that the advertisement for grant applications would soon be posted on bulletin boards and aired on the local radio station.

Our community partnership committee got in touch with the group that is working on an Alaska Long Trail that is expected to go through our area. A Long Trail representative may be at our October meeting to discuss hopefully where they plan on locating the part of their trail that goes through our community council boundaries. It was decided that it would be best if we were proactive and hopefully part of the planning process of this venture.

Our trail maintenance tractor that has needed some mechanical work done is now being worked on and hopefully will be usable later on this summer.

Well that is all I can remember check back at a later date when the official minutes for the meeting are posted

4-14-2021- Our April meeting was well attended with 4 board members and numerous council members. There wasn’t too much to discuss just trail maintenance, upcoming community assistance grants and a fix that may be needed for the maintenance tractor.

There was some discussion of possible future commercial ventures that may affect our area though nothing definite just stuff to keep in mind.

After the meeting I got an e-mail from our community assistance grant person who said that we are getting two years of grant funds which would be $30,558 instead of the $15,729 that we thought we were approved for. He is currently visiting relatives in the lower 48 but will probably call for grant applicants some time after he returns the applications don’t usually need to be in before October so there is plenty of time.

It was brought up that there is probably no one currently on the Chase Trail Board of Supervisors (I think that is what it is called). Anyone interested can contact the borough for an application it is something like the various road supervisors volunteer positions.

Well other than the upcoming work to be done on the Clear Creek Trail which didn’t get much discussion because the person responsible for said work was absent. That is all I can remember check back at a later date when the official minutes are posted.

2-3-2021    The February 3rd Chase Community Council Annual election meeting was well attended for an outside middle of winter meeting (10-12 deg.) with 12 residents attending. All 5 board members were present. The annual election saw the 3 incumbents that were on the ballot all re-elected. The board officers all remained the same. Jerry Boutte is chairman, Ray James is vice-chairman, Patricia Cox is secretary, James Tunnell is treasurer and Donnie Billington is member at large.

After not having a community assistance grant program last year the borough has decided to offer a new round of grant funds this year I think the amount is $15789. but I’m not 100% sure on the amount. The board voted to accept the grant offer.

 Items that were discussed were the clear creek trail improvement grant work that is to be implemented this coming summer. I believe that equipment for the project will be rented for about a month and the work will go as far up the trail as available funds allow. The maintenance tractor is scheduled to be shipped to Palmer for repair his spring also or at least that is the current plan. At one of the last meetings it was brought to our attention that there was a renewed effort to revive the Watana  Dam project. But at yesterday’s meeting it sounded like several smaller projects were being considered and also the West Susitna Access project which is south of our area. The only other thing I can think of that was discussed at the meeting was a change to our absentee ballot voter eligibility form to better reflect our present absentee voting and said requirements for voting as is stated in our by-laws.

Well that is all I can think of now check back latter for more info after the minutes are posted.

11/10/2020- The Chase area now has plenty of snow for snowmachine travel. Wheeler motorized vehicles are no longer welcome as they tear up the trails  -thanks for your cooperation.

10-14-2020 Meeting Notes

The meeting was well attended. The checks to the recipients of last year’s grants have been mailed. The only grant funds left are for the Clear Creek Trail improvement project. No equipment or operator was available to do the work this year so the project is being postponed until next year.

As it stands as per the borough the community assistance grant program may be over as no more funds are available at this time.

Some work was done on the main Chase Trail along the Rail Road tracks but the maintenance tractor broke down so the trail improvements were halted. The tractor is now scheduled to be transported to Palmer for the needed repairs. I believe that the Chase Trail board of supervisors has gotten money from the borough via past taxes that were collected for maintenance of said trail, which was a requirement per the grant that originally built the trail along the tracks.

There have been rumors of a future replacement of the Talkeetna River Rail Road Bridge sometime in the next 5 years. I do not know how true that is but it would defiantly affect our area as the bridge is an integral part of the main access to our community.

I t was brought to our attention that the conflict between the Rail Road and individuals that have land adjacent to the rail road or land that the Rail Road has a right of way through may someday affect us as any resolution may at some point establish a precedent for possible future conflicts between the rail road and adjacent property owners. As such it would be advisable for us to stay abreast of this issue.

Our dam committee talked about the possibility of a recreational management plan that affects the Talkeetna River being made obsolete and also that there is still a lot of support to reopen the Watana Dam project amongst our legislators.

Well that is all I can remember so check back at a later date for the official meeting minutes when they are posted to the meeting page

July 16 2020- The summer meeting was very well attended all the board members were present.

James Tunnell our treasurer and community assistance grant person said that the borough may finally be going to send the funds for the 2019 grants that were approved. He will mail the checks out as soon as he receives the funds. He also said that he has filed the bi-annual report for our 501C-3 status along with the necessary tax report.

The Clear Creek Trail is still scheduled for some trial improvements this year (some of the money for said improvements will be arriving with the 2019 borough grant funds). Brad the operator contracted to do the work has asked for help running the equipment and one of our board members Ray James has offered to help.

The upper bridge over Wiggle Creek that had been damaged during the last break-up season has been fixed temporarily by JR (I believer that was who James said did it). A more permanent job may be done at a later date. Also R Denny has done some work on the first part of Clear Creek trail.

Kevin Foster one of the borough chase trail supervisors said that he plans on doing about a week’s worth of work on the chase trail this year which ends at the gravel pit. This will involve the town tractor and he asked for volunteers to help him. California-Lawyer Mike along with a few other folks volunteered to help. The trail has lost its crown so no longer sheds water well. He plans on training a few other folks to run the tractor so he doesn’t always have to be involved with the trail maintenance. Peg Foster said that she will ask the RR about the possibility of getting a load of crusher finds dumped down next to the bullion slew bridge so it will be closer to where it is needed for fill.

There had been rumors of possible new commercial ventures for our area but from what was said by folks at the meeting they are just that rumors.

Well that is all I can remember so check back at a later date when the minutes are posted for anything I may have missed.


The 2020 April Chase Council meeting was well attended but brief.

The only discussion was about the future work to be done on the Clear Creek Trail. Mainly trying to locate equipment that could be used for the summer work. Our community assistance grant committee has been having trouble getting information about when the grant money will be distributed mainly because of things being shut down at the borough because of the corona virus.

The legislature is also talking about the Susitna-Watana Dam project again and of course with Chase being the first community downstream of the proposed dam there is local interest in the subject.

The was a rumor of some possible work on a future Curry hotel which is also in our area not sure if it is a go or not there have been rumors of this kind going around for quite a awhile.

The board member who was thinking about moving has decided to stay for the time being so we didn’t end up needing a new board member.

Well that was about it check back latter when the official minutes are posted

Notes from the January 29, 2020 meeting.

There is renewed interest in the Susitna Watana Dam project by our legislature. Our dam committee has sent a representative to Juneau to express our concerns about the project (we are the first community downstream from the proposed dam).

A local Chase resident-Molly Woods is running for an upcoming seat on the MEA board any locals who are members of MEA might consider voting for her as she would have our best interests at heart.

The community assistance grants were awarded they are as follows

Friends of the Talkeetna Library-   $750. Supporting Library Reading Programs for the youth.

Kachemak Bay/ Denali Field Trip- $500. Elementary School Field Trips to foster environmental awareness

Talkeetna Elementary School PTA- $1000. Healthy snacks at the elementary school

 Clear Creek Trail Improvement- $7839, Fund added to last year’s grant for improvements to the Clear Creek Trail

Susitna River Coalition- $4700- Salmon Habitat Education and Improvement’s

Talkeetna Community Radio- $1000, KTNA Local News

The results of our election were that Jerry Boutte and Orville James were reelected to serve another 2 year term. The board officers have not changed Jerry Boutte is chairman, Orville James is co-chairman, Patricia Cox is secretary, James Tunnell is treasurer and Donnie Billington is member at large.

A representative from the Census was present and expressed a desire for more census workers if you are interested I believe you can apply online it pays $28. per hour plus mileage. She said they need 224 more workers for our area, she also gave us some information about the upcoming census.

Well that is all I can remember check back later after the minutes have been posted for further details

Notes from Oct. 16th 2019 meeting

Well I didn’t attend the meeting so do not have much to type about, if you want more info you will have to check back after the minutes are posted which would be after the January election meeting. (The July minutes have been recently attached to the meeting page)

The community assistance grants deadline for application submission has been extended till November 16th; thusly the awarding of the grants will be at the next CCC board meeting in January.

There was some discussion about trails and the old trail drag plus the possible need to fix the crown on the Chase Trail.

The next meeting is our annual election meeting in January there are two board seats up for election. The election committee will be soliciting applicants to serve on the board for two year terms after the first of the year.

Well that is all anyone has told me about what went on at the meeting though I think it was well attended with one of our representative’s assistant and a local realtor attending but not having any particular agenda.

7-17-2019 Meeting notes

The July meeting was well attended all our board members were present. Items that were discussed were as follows.

There is going to be some work done on the clear creek trail in the near future. Fixes as deemed appropriate by our equipment operator will be implemented as far up the trail as our current grant money allows. It is possible that we may obtain more funds out of this year’s grant money to continue this work.

Two staffers for our state house and senate called in teleconference to inform us of the ongoing items faced by our state legislature such as the budget, vetoes of budget items, PFD amount and items that have passed through the legislative process. They also encouraged us to get in touch with them if we had any items that needed addressing or strong opinions on any legislative agenda items. 373-1842 for Eastman and 376-3370 for Showers


The Community Partnerships Subcommittee has been following the progress of the land leased by the RR to Nordlys LLC a company that plans to develop 8 acres of land next to the Talkeetna River to erect yurts to rent to the tourists. This land is adjacent to our only access trail and also land we use to cross the frozen Talkeetna River in the winter time to get loads that are too wide to fit across the bridge to our homes so is important to us as a community. The current rumor (not official) is that Nordlys has decided it is not a viable venture because of all the requirements that they would be required to meet.

The by-laws that were being revised are now the official ones and can be found on the by-law page.

Well that is about all I can think of check back latter for any further information when the official minutes are posted

4/17/2019-   The weather and trail conditions for our April meeting was not the greatest as such it was sparsely attended but we did have a quorum.

Here are the items discussed

The borough sent a letter which stated that we have $15,739. available for community 2019 assistance grants. The board of directors voted unanimously to accept said grant funds.

The maintenance tractor was discussed it needs a new battery, fuel injectors and its back left tire repaired (probably a new tube). The funds for this can be taken out of the tractor maintenance grant. It was decided to train a couple of more individuals to run the tractor and allow the tractor to be used to help maintain other Chase area public trails.

The clear creek trail repair grant was discussed the work will need to be done at the beginning of the summer while the trail is relatively dry.

Our community partnership committee sent a letter stating our communities concerns regarding the recent RR lease to Nordlys LLC. Also several area residents also voiced their concerns. This lease will give Nordlys the rights to 8 acres of Talkeetna riverfront property and the right to construct 28 yurts and cut all trees less than 12” in diameter (approximately all the trees as most of the trees are still young trees). The area to be leased is adjacent to the only trail access for our community and also is an area we use in the winter to access the frozen Talkeetna River crossing that area residents use to transport items too wide to fit across the Talkeetna RR bridge walkway. At this time it appears that Nordly’s has been granted said lease.

The poor trail conditions were also discussed they are worse than the usual spring breakup trail conditions.

At a past meeting there was some discussion about buying an external hard drive to keep a permanent record of all Chase Community Council business. The approval of fund for an external hard drive were approved by our board of directors.


Notes from the January 16th 2019 meeting

The by-law revisions were approved by our board of directors and are now headed to the borough for final approval at which time they will be updated on our web-site. They can currently be found on the website as an attachment on the by-law page.

The community assistance grants funds were awarded they were as follows:

Talkeetna Library                             $500

KTNA Radio                                        $500

Local Food Pantry                            $1,500

Elementary School Field Trip       $250

Clear Creek Trail Improvement                  $10,039

Susitna River Coalition                   $3,000

It was also decided to form a new committee to better coordinate activities or developments that affect our community with entities like the Talkeetna Community Council, Talkeetna  Business Association, Mat-Su Borough, AKRR etc.

The election results were Donnie Billington , Patricia Cox and James Tunnell were elected to the Board of Directors to serve 2 year terms. Jerry Boutte is the chairman, Orville James is the vice-chairman, Patricia Cox is the secretary, James Tunnell is the treasurer and Donnie Billington is a member at large.

Here is some of what happened at the Oct. 17th- 2018 CCC meeting

The question about the future of our Chase Trail head parking lot was solved. We got a letter from the borough stating that we would continue to be able to use the Talkeetna Chase Trailhead parking lot for the foreseeable future it also included some parking lot use stipulations. The letter can be found on the trails page as an attachment.  It was brought up that it would be nice to get permission to obtain a sign stating that the parking lot be called the Chase Trail Head Parking lot and install it in the parking lot.

The Susitna River Dam committee said that there are still employees working on the dam project and that they were going to meet with them in the near future. They should have some news at the next meeting on the future of the project which never did actually get killed. Plus there is the Stand for Salmon initiative that is on this November’s ballot.

Ideas for community assistance grants were discussed. One was to get some hard-drives so as to keep better records from year to year of Chase business. Another was to get a 3-way blade for the tractor so as to be able to scrap some of the gravel from the sides of the trail back into the center. Plus maybe some funds for future council needs as this may be the last year of the grants.

The by-laws were discussed with ideas for changes that make the by-laws and the ways we conduct business align.

Our future borough assembly person attended the meeting Tam Boeve.

A nomination committee was formed. We will need 3 new board members, nominations are being solicited for the January election meeting.

Well that is about all I can remember check back latter for more information when the minutes are attached to the meeting page for further details.

Some of the items to be discussed are the Community Assistance Grants, the Talkeetna- Chase Parking lot, some possible by-law changes and local trails.

Updated 2018 community assistance grant forms have been added to the revenue sharing page in word.

July 2018 meeting notes

The July meeting held in the AKRR 232 gravel pit was well attended.

Items discussed were Stand for Salmon Resolution. The Chase Community Council was asked to sign a statement saying they supported the Stand for Salmon Resolution a vote was taken and members were unanimously in favor of supporting the initiative so a form letter was signed by our chairman stating the fact of our support.

The local cell phone service has lost its signal, the MTA cell phone tower is no longer online. I believe it is being repaired or upgraded and may at an unspecified future date be back in service. A booster can be purchased from Amazon to help increase the signal of our cell phones. James Tunnel has the information on this.

One of our board members who parks in our Talkeetna parking lot had his truck and trailer red tagged for towing. He called the borough and was informed that the borough may be going to try to discontinue selling us parking passes for said parking lot thusly remove us from the parking lot. We have been parking in this area for 40 plus years and it is the only viable alternative for residents and other property owners to park their vehicles to access our area trails. It was decided to write a letter to the borough to find out if there is in fact talk of our no longer being able to park in our parking lot and if so if they can legally pursue such action. The parking lot actually is owned by the RR and the Chase lots were legally sold with the RR being our access.

The culvert that James Tunnel, Donnie Billington and RJ Denny installed on the Clear Creek Trail finally had enough water to test its viability and it was discovered that it does indeed divert the water as was the original design.

One of our long term residents Ruth Marmor recently passed away she had been living with her daughter.

The conflict problem with pedestrian and ATV traffic on the Talkeetna RR Bridge walkway was discussed and it was decided to obtain some more signs informing the mostly tourist pedestrians that the RR bridge walk way is the ATV access for residents up the tracks.

The fat tire bike race held yearly in March was discussed. This year they made their trail on our existing trails did a poor job of grooming it and did not inform their contestants that the trail was in fact the chase residents trail and so they if anyone should be the individuals who should yield the right away to snow-machines. In future years the individuals laying out the bike race trail needs to be contacted and our concerns discussed.

The issue that trails past the 232 gravel pit cross private parcels and some of the trials are privately owned access trails neither of which are thusly public trails for all to use was discussed.

Also the fact that our trail system is advertised in numerous places as an access trail to the old RR depot at Curry was discussed. There is no access trail to Curry except the RR tracks and people who use trails that cross private property are trespassing. A letter to the ADN was sent to try to correct this fact.

April 2018 Meeting Notes

The meeting was well attended with 4 board members present and numerous residents.

Items discussed were the usual trail maintenance items. Also getting more local residents trained in the use of our trail maintenance tractor to share the duty of grooming the trails we all use. The tractor needs a new battery and it was decided by agreement from the board of directors to purchase a good industrial battery that would hold its charge during the winter months (the funds can come out of the tractor maintenance fund).

James Tunnell has done the necessary work to get our tax form in for our 501C-3 account. He has also been dealing with the borough to receive and distribute the funds for the 2017 community assistance grants.

Ideas were solicited for uses for the 2018 community assistance grant funds. Anything that benefits the local community will be considered there is $15,789. allotted for this year’s grants (2018).

By-law changes were discussed to better align our by-laws to address our current community needs. The changes will be formally typed up to be read and accepted or amended at the next meeting before they are sent to the borough employee responsible for such items.

From what I understand (don’t quote me I could be wrong) the Watana-Susitna Dam project no longer has any funds so is officially dead.

Well that is all I can remember check back later for the official minutes for any further details.

Notes from the January 17th 2018 meeting

The meeting was well attended all board members were present. Items discussed were as follows.

2017 revenue sharing grants funds were awarded

Nodwell Trail improvements were funded under two grants. $5,000 for gravel needed to repair parts of the north end of the trail and $2,000 for general Nodwell trail improvements and fixing drainage problems.

Susitna River Coalition’s will received $4650. For local information, public outreach, educate-inform and research long term protection of our main local river and local speakers and workshops.

Talkeetna Public Library’s grant was funded at $750.for tweens and teens programs

Food Bank’s grant was funded at $500. To purchase and transport food to the pantry site.

We were informed by the borough that we were eligible for a new grant program called community assistance. This year’s grant funds for local communities is $15,798. Our board of directors voted unanimously to accept the funds. Following the acceptance of the funds there were some discussions of possible grants that could benefit our area. All were associated with trail maintenance and ideas for our maintenance tractor.

Our updated Chase Comprehensive Plan is now passed all phases and is the current plan for our area the full plan can be found on the borough web site https://www.matsugov.us/plans?cck=plans&plan_type=Comprehensive+Plan&boxchecked=0&search=plans&task=search

The Susitna River Coalition has gotten the signatures they need to but their ballot initiative on the ballot it deals with responsible development. They are also checking into water reservation rights.

We did start to address some by-law changes but because of time restraint it was mainly tabled till the next meeting.

There was a person to be heard who was monitoring our meeting a Eugene H ? (not sure how to spell last name) he seems to mostly be interested in transparent and open government so things don’t get passed without going through a public process giving everyone a chance to have their opinion heard.

Our annual election was also held. James Tunnel and Mike Woods terms have ended and two new board members were elected Jerry Boutte and Orville (Ray) James. The new board officers are Jerry Boutte chairman, Jonathan Durr co-chairman and Josh Klauder secretary with Tim Cox and Ray James as members at large.

Well that is about all I can remember so check back at a later date for the official minutes with anything I might have missed.

Council Members

The Chase Community Council Address is

PO Box 205

Talkeetna, AK   99676

E-mail address is chasetrail45@gmail.com

Current members of the Chase Community Council Board of Directors are (as of Jan. 2018)

Jerry Boutte, Chairman

Orville (Ray) James, Vice-Chairman

Patricia Cox, Secretary 

James Tunnell, Treasurer

Donnie Billington, Member


New Web Site Address

We now have an easier to remember web site address. The old Google sites web site address still works and is the primary domain name. You can now access the Chase Community News Web site by either address. I hope this helps make it more user friendly.


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