Star Struck
My first work of fiction...a book for children



Blurb on the back cover:

"Twinkle, twinkle, little star..."

It was twelve-year old Gita's favourite poem. She loved the stars. They were her best friends...

Until a star appeared on the day her grandma passed away. Does it have a message for her? Is this the reason why she has a new friend? Or is losing touch with an old one?

Can a star change your life?

Star Struck is the story of a girl caught up in a series of events that change her life, both at school and at home.

And make her realise what really matters...


Published by:

Star Struck is published by Ponytale Books and in India, is priced at Rupees 95 only.


About Star Struck:

Star Struck is a story with a purpose ... to explain the existence of a life spirit beyond the physical body (soul consciousness) to children. Perhaps it is the first spiritually oriented storybook for children?

Yes - Star Struck has no "religious" affiliation and to that end, would appeal to a person of any faith. It only touches upon the living spirit within...

Why is Star Struck relevant to the society we live in?

I believe the world we are living in offers no guarantees - parents may think that "certain" subjects (read "life" and "death") should only be broached after children grow up, but where is the assurance of that happening, or of parents living to see that day? On a less pessimistic note, we see that children across the world are growing up in a society fraught with terror. All the more reason to offer children simple, yet sound explanations to help them comprehend and in the worse case, cope with unpleasant situations. 

Star Struck offers children a simple answer to soul consciousness, to further their understanding of life. It also offers an easy explanation of God consciousness, to give children a meaningful connection to draw strength from.

Star Struck also dwells on the role of values, like respect and loyalty, in enriching inter-personal relationships.

And most importantly, these messages are conveyed through the medium of a story ... not a sermon!