Sexual Dualism to Spiritual Oneness





CHAPTER 1:               The Search Begins

CHAPTER 2:               The Book Of Genesis

CHAPTER 3:        Erotic Temple Sculpture

CHAPTER 4:               The Wisdom In Tao

CHAPTER 5:               Fragmentation In Society And Within?

CHAPTER 6:               Kundalini

CHAPTER 7:               Kriyashakti

CHAPTER 8:               Inspiring Theosophical Quotations

CHAPTER 9:               The One Cosmic War

CHAPTER 10:             Do We Have To Give Up S-E-X?

CHAPTER 11:             The Last Word!




If I recollect correctly, I was inspired to write this book way before I finished my first book [Aligning the Economic Cycle with the Time Cycle]. While the subjects of both are essentially very different, for me, this book is a logical consequence of my earlier work. Having understood the self and the time cycle that binds humanity, it seemed all-important to explain the basic foundation for the re-establishment of a New Age in our world.


Simply speaking, this manuscript is about celibacy. It is a collection of inspiring sayings and teachings, stressing on their underlying esoteric interpretation, from the Bible (Book Of Genesis), Taoism, the study of some erotic Hindu temple sculptures, Kundalini energy, the force of Kriyashakti and the five elements of nature.


Drawing from the sources cited above, this book also covers the subject of duality in human nature and suggests that incorporating masculine and feminine traits is the way to achieve supernatural powers of reproduction, the physical manifestation of awakened Kundalini energy after the sex force has been sublimated.


'Spiritual Oneness', per se, refers to the unity of the masculine and feminine aspects of human nature and the need to focus within, on the source of life, the eternal force that is neither masculine nor feminine. As diverse sources from different religions have been studied in this manuscript, unity also metaphorically relates to unity or likeness, of purpose and aim, put forward by all religions.


While many perceive celibacy as a boring or a hardly attractive proposition, for anyone interested in spirituality, this book will present a reasonably convincing (at least in my view!) case for celibacy, encompassing both purity of personality and a character firmly balanced between masculine and feminine traits, in order to reach the highest state of self-growth or evolution possible. Indeed, I believe that celibacy is the truest way to understand sexuality - what it gives and what it takes from a person - because only a celibate will enjoy the growth that comes with renunciation of sex!


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