Yes - I've actually written some, but had only one published so far!

I'm by no means a poet, so I was quite mollified when the Arabesques Review accepted my poem 'Unity' for their publication, Arabesques Review Volume II Issue 01.

Why don't you read the poem and tell me what you make of it!


Our differences,

Lie between us,

Loud and clear.


Yet we are but currents,

From opposite streams,

Approaching the same end.


A chequered board,

Now white, now black,

Merges to form a whole.


Searching within,

For harmony without,

Let our hearts speak,

Instead of our intellect.


Is acceptance the answer?

Reconciliation, often not the norm,

Oneness, hard to achieve,

Peace is the key.


We stand together,

A force to reckon with,

Against mighty oppressors,

Professing wisdom with no logic.