Information Technology

I write for IT magazine and BenefIT magazine, both monthly mags published by EFY India.

IT magazine carries my eVoice column, an interactive article that takes up an issue pertinent to the IT industry every month, which I resolve through the voices of members of the industry. You can download and read a sample eVoice here - this particular piece looks at the future of innovation, and is hence appropriately titled, Will there be anything left to invent?

I also contribute feature articles to IT magazine. This piece is about hacking, while this write-up discusses the application of IT in space technology.

Quite a variety!

BenefIT magazine is aimed at business persons. Its articles are aimed at facilitating a business person's use of technology to grow his turnover. Some samples of my work for BenefIT - on mobile advertising and the situations where applying an ERP solution is likely to make a difference.

Or check out IT magazine's archives and BenefIT magazine's archives for an exhaustive list of the subjects I've written on.