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Advance Notice
Successful events begin with proper planning. Please be sure to allow enough time so that you will receive exactly what you need for your event. Events should be planned as early as possible with the catering department.  Please note that there will be a $5 delivery charge regardless of the size of the event and ALL substitutions may result in additional charges. Below are the recommended guidelines for booking your event:

Coffee Service and Breaks - 2 Business Days
Lunches and Dinners - 5 Business Days
Final Counts - 3 Business Days

Please be advised that Chartwells cannot guarantee any event that falls outside the recommended guidelines.

Room Reservations
It is the responsibility of the client to reserve the room(s) for their event. Please have the room reserved prior to contacting the catering office. To help us better serve your catering needs, please have the furniture arranged and the room(s) available no less than 1 hour prior to the event.

Cancellations and Reductions
Events cancelled or reduced 2 full business days prior to the date of the event will not incur any cancellation or reduction charges. Events cancelled or reduced less than 2 full business days prior to the date of the event will be subject to any unrecoverabale cost incurred while preparing for the event. Example: food in preparation, labor, special rentals, etc.

Any catering equipment left after the completion of the event, or removed from the event, will then become the responsibility of the client. Should the event end early or run late, please inform us so that we can plan equipment pick-up accordingly.

Custom floral arrangements are available at an additional charge. Please contact the catering department 3 business days prior to your event.

The use of china for any event will result in an additional charge. Please contact the catering department three business days prior to your event.

Labor is required for all events with over 50 guests. All events taking place outside of normal dining hours or using china require labor. There will be a charge of $24.00 per hour per server, with a minimum of 4 hours for each.  Events occurring outside of business hours may incur additional chef and/or waitstaff charges.

Linen is supplied with every event for the buffet table only. If you require any additional or specialty linen for your event, please contact the catering department for a quote on rental linen 2 business days prior to your event.

As a member of the Andover Newton Theological School community your sponsored events are exempt from a 6.25% meal tax. All outside groups may be subject to service and meal tax charges
Outside Groups
Please note that Andover Newton Theological School community is eligible for a standard discount, which is displayed across the board in our pricing.  All outside groups will be subject to a 5% service charge.
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