New Jersey: 
New Jersey Charter School Association
Rutgers CESP Charter School Resource Center:
NJ Association of School Business Officials (provides Saturday courses for NJSBA Certificate)
NJ Department of Education (Charter Schools)
NJ School Board Association:
New York:
Charter School Center
Center for Charter School Excellence at Center for Educational Innovation-Public Education Association:
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New Jersey:
 NJSBA Charter School Critical Policy Reference Manual:
Below under the Charter School Business Fellows find the following documents:
Various Model Policies for NJ Charter Schools
Standard Operating Procedures Manuals
Also list of
Tasks to complete by July 15 2011
Write curriculum
Order Educational materials and Textbooks, equipment and supplies
Write Staff Development Plan
Negotiate and Sign Lease for Building
Purchase and Implement Data System
Recruit students, hold lottery, enroll students, establish waitlist
Write Family Handbook
Write Staff Handbook
Write Board Policy Manual
Write Standard Business Operating Procedures
Hire BA, Treasurer, Auditor, IT Consultants
Begin holding monthly Board of Trustees meetings with minutes and reports
Purchase and set up phone system, computer server and network
Write Technology Plan
Purchase Accounting Software, Set up Budget and Chart of Accounts
Prepare Cash flow projections and 108 line budget by March
Set up GUPTA Bank Accounts (Operating, Payroll, Agency, Enterprise)
Set up Check Signature Cards
Write Bylaws
Apply for 501c3
Obtain Property, Liability, Board of Directors Insurance
Obtain Health and Dental Insurance
Contract with Payroll Company
Contract With Lunch Vendor
Set up afterschool and beforeschool programs
Write Nursing Plan
Write Integrated Pest Management Plan
Join Bidding Cooperative
Obtain Certificate of Occupancy for Building
Obtain Fire Inspection
Set up Fire Drill Procedures and Schedule
Obtain Sanitary Inspection
Contract with Child Study Team
Hire Teachers and Staff
Prepare Contracts for Staff and Vendors
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