AMC Javelin

Owner: Smok
Make: AMC
Model: Javelin
Year: 1973
Colour: Metallic blue, recently changed to Orange
1/4 mile in: 15.4
Engine: 360ci, V8
Terminal Speed 1/4mile: 86mph
Time Owned Car: 1989 - Present
2006- Changed colour to Electric Orange, slight body mods done- all marker lights removed
2007- Work carried out on the car so far: Full hand built stainless exhaust system, single wire alternater fitted, battery moved to boot, rear axle rebuilt and converted to disc brake, new springs and new shocks.
2008- Front coil overs, discs, billet calipers, hubs, new eldebrook heads, edelbrook 750cfm carb, roller rockers, camshaft, inlet manifold, hi stall converter.