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Intoxicated Poetry.

posted Nov 1, 2010, 9:46 AM by Corey Charm
Had a few drinks with a buddy of mine and we had a great time messing around writing rhymes last night hahaha.


so now you know, how i feel, how i feel about you

these old familiar games, starting to feel so new.

I can't even explain, but I need to move on

staying happy is my only option, getting hurt is not

yo, you may refer to me as mr coach, girls love me and you betta be takin notes, and girls are materials - always materialistic, always playin games- never realistic

yo ughhh , check... my hearts red, shaped like an arrow, youll never understand the targets too narrow, girls under men, thats why im the pharoah, this is my plan, to stay plural, always stay single, they come crawlin to me for referallssss

i lost the touch, this kids to much, dont choke on the rum an coke as i smoke from a blunt i rolled, bitch i told you my game tight say my name right

rum in half the cup, the other half is ice, that means i drink it straight, just like my life, never become twisted, or become to nice, girls take advantage, take my advice, but i spit fire, hotter then your dime, she worth ten cents, stealin her is a crime

she told me she gunna stay , i only want her to cuz she a good lay, an everytime im with her its the games she play, but she on my mind like everyday

Caught up, im feelin run out, bitch glued to me, like a magazine cut out, my head my dick my word and my pledge, they all got somethin in common, to get girls in my bed... but, this bitch popped like a fizzler, got my heart twisted up like a twizzler
yee and me and davey go all night, this better in person, but i guess this is all right, we never stop hustlin, we do it all, its like we the opposite of water, we never fall, we defy gravity cause we martians, girls be hungry for us, yeah they starvin

1 bicth on my mind, we get like 10 bitches everytime, we hit the club, the girls they love us, and im just sayin her boyfriends probably prayin she dont find us, cuz we fuck your girl, she want my dick in her world

im gangster as fuck bitch its a lifestyle and the way i sag my pants that my style, cuz i got a gun is the back, whys your girl on my lap, yes my bois come straped, and they dont care what you tryin 2 say, they dont ask questions and we don t



ye, ugh, bitches, always on my mind, cant find anything better, to do with my time, naww ..that was just a silly little lie. but why you gotta play , really baby why? so this is my decision, this time i'm fallin back, if you really want it , come and get it its like that, I'm out slayin pussy, none of these cats, if you want me in this game, then baby you real whack

girl you puttin me into a state - somethin thats not me , wavin sticks in the air, baby i aint a wii, lets keep this really simple, just me and you , wave lengths like a ripple, love waves like a nympho, red spots like a pimple (LOL), but yeee im a call you mrs lava, heat waves like the summa and smokin like la brava

yee i go harder then a nut shell, bitch is a pistachio im allergic she givin me hell, why do i fall so hard my heart cant take it, every single girl its like the same mistake-its... just not very cool, tho i love her and i hate her she still breaks the rule


drop the beat down, i want that coach, king sound, now the girl gather round, she want love but dick all she found, pass my gun to the front now she chokin on the blunt, moneys all we want so you might say we stunt


uggh yo, me and davey we light up every spot, better make sure that spot cool-cause we really hot, our flows like a magician- we make shit weird, thats no b.s. - britney spears, and we fuckin drink yeah she tempting, dime got a body like a dream - inception

Yeee I spit fire everytime I spit, call me mr dragon- to hot to quit, I spit truth never perfer to lie, off the top of the head and on the fly, when you see me comin through you betta move, cause my flow is generic, but its got fuckin screws, a loose screw like my fuckin boy davey, yeah he a nut but he realy fuckin crazy, he'll fuck you up anytime of the day, fuck with his crew and you'll be beggin to pray


coach and davey 2 me that shit sound crazy, no i dont want words i want that bitch 2 fuckin pay me, when we in the club which girls we know? every girl we keno, and this aint bingo i say leave and she say lets go