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About Me

My passion for good food and eating well began in my childhood, a time when countless hours were spent around the kitchen table with my extended family.  During my high school years my interest in nutrition and health emerged, leading to my studies in the science of nutrition and foods. This culminated in a BS in Human Nutrition and Foods from VA Tech, a Master of Public Health (with a concentration in nutrition) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and in becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.  Through my college years, I also worked as an assistant chef at a whole foods store and restaurant, taught nutrition and cooking classes, and served as the kitchen manager and solo cook at a university sorority. 
I have 40 years of professional experience in personal, community, and corporate nutrition counseling and coaching.  Unique opportunities along the way have included serving as a consultant on the Navajo Indian Reservation, working as a clinical dietitian in New Zealand, and leading nutrition and cooking classes with professional chefs. I have also taught at the community college and university level for ten years, counseled athletes for twenty years, including as a nutritionist at the Student Health Center at UVA for ten years and as the consultant for the Eating Disorder Athletic Team. 

My interest in the culinary arts and culinary medicine surfaced early in my career, however, in the last ten I have focused more time to developing my knowledge and skills in these subjects.  First came earning a certification as a line chef.  Next I earned a certificate as a Food Protection Manager.  2019 turned in to year rich with professional trainings, including a week long course in Nutrition and Cooking and another in Food as Medicine.  To complement these, I attended the annual conference of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  
I have written for or been interviewed by numerous magazines and newspapers, television and radio shows, and websites.  Other avenues for educating people to become wise eaters and enjoy active lifestyles include speaking to support groups, school health and science classes, and sports teams. A special interest of mine is the nexus between agriculture, the pleasure of eating, and environmental sustainability.  I am also passionate food history and herbs and spices, from their cultivation to their culinary and medicinal value to their use in daily life and rituals. In addition to my nutrition work, I have taught yoga for stress management to heart patients and as part of the Wellness Program at the Federal Executive Institute taught stretching and introductory yoga.
Photograph of Susan E. Del Gobbo, MPH, RD