More fun than watching paint dry...

I am somewhat baffled to announce the start of bidding for Worldcon 84: The Minimal Viable Worldcon, in 2026.

W84 is targeting lovely Charlottesville, Virginia as a site. We will be capping attending memberships at 125 (not including staff) in order to fit in our chosen venue, the Charlottesville CitySpace. CitySpace is conveniently located in downtown Charlottesville on the walking mall, which hosts many fine restaurants and a movie theater. Charlottesville is a city with lots of interesting historical tourism available. If the venue is unavailable due to political unrest, we will choose a suitable backup venue, of which there are several in the Charlottesville area, including UVA's Alumni Hall.

Charlottesville has an airport with direct service on three airlines to many hub airports in the United States. It also has Amtrak service (including directly from the Baltimore airport) and Greyhound bus service. It is an uncomplicated 3 hour drive from Washington D.C.

We are currently looking at dates in early October, so as to take advantage of Virginia's long fall season and lovely natural scenery. We expect there to be sufficient hotel rooms to accommodate all our members at various price points. There will be no official con hotel, although W84 may be able to work with Charlottesville's Visitor Bureau to change this.

W84 can already announce that it will hold only two program items: a Preliminary and a Main Business Meeting. We hope that this will take only two days but are bidding for a longer weekend just in case. Programming will occur on Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning unless we can get written agreements well beforehand from all members to allow suspension of the Business Meeting Rules to allow the first Main Meeting to happen Saturday morning instead. (If we get very ambitious, we may try to suspend the rules to allow the Preliminary Meeting on Saturday morning and the Main Meeting on Saturday afternoon.) There are currently no other programming or spaces available for con activities. 

W84 will be administering the Hugos entirely online and via postal mail, and announcing the results via press release. Trophies will be mailed to the winners. W84 will be administering Site Selection largely via mail, but will accept hand-carried ballots and also allow on-site voting for all members even if they do not have attending memberships.

Please be aware that we plan to participate in non-constitutionally-required activities (e.g., SMOFCon, the Fannish Inquisition, bid parties, etc.) only to the extent that it is entertaining and/or convenient for us to do so. While other people are welcome to do so on our behalf, only statements from named bid staff are to be taken as in any way serious.

We plan to improve the website as soon as either Kate figures out how or someone with actual skills volunteers to do so. You can reach us at cvillein2026 (at)

Current staff: Kate Secor (bid chair), Michael Lee (bid treasurer)

Presupporters: Please let me know if you’re okay with me putting your name here.