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Breakfast/Lunch Menus

We have an award-winning food service program at school and encourage parents to join their children for lunch or breakfast anytime during the year.  (Please call the school the day before to have your name added to the meal count.)  The price for lunch for adults is $5.10; breakfast is $1.75. 

Menus are available by clicking on the appropriate monthly link below.  Weekly lunches, breakfast and extra milk should be purchased on Thursdays for the following week.  Our food service program serves 1% white milk, fat free chocolate and occasionally fat-free strawberry. Lactose free milk can also be made available if a physicians note is sent in.  Students who are absent during the week automatically have credit carried over to the next week.  The price for each breakfast is $1.30 per day; lunch is $1.80

Students bringing cold lunch are eligible to purchase milk. Free & reduced students have to pay .30 for milk if they bring in their own lunch.  There is no refrigeration facility available to students, therefore, lunches need to be packed accordingly.