There are a wide range of services available to suit the needs of all horse owners and their horses. Whether you have a bolshy out of control horse that you need help with or an angelic 'seen everything' delight who you'd just like to get more regular exercise, I am happy to assist.
If you require a flexible, friendly and professional service to take the stress out of horse ownership,  please get in touch.




If you are having problems with your horse or have a youngster who needs bringing on, I can help. I'm a quiet, sensible rider and will treat your horse with respect and kindness whilst trying to iron out any issues you may be having.

Grooming for shows

Are you competing but have no like-minded people to accompany you? I'm happy to help prepare for showing, hold your horse while you grab your much needed lunch, help you course walk or anything else required. A friendly smile and moral support is included in the service!

Day to day care

If you have pressing commitments that mean tending to your horse's day to day needs can be a struggle, this is what I specialise in. Whether you need me a few times a month when you have an important meeting to attend, or a few times a week because your shifts are long and tiring, I am happy to tend to your equine's every need. Mucking out/feeding/grooming/turning out/bringing in, or all of it so you can just turn up and ride a clean, happy horse after a long day at work.


Would you like to see your horse in the show ring but don't want to be in the spotlight yourself? If so, allow me to do it for you. I'm happy to compete in showjumping, cross country, dressage, ridden showing, in hand showing, endurance or even just take your young novice horse out to experience the scary sights and sounds for the first time.

Assisting with vet/farrier visits

All horse owners know how difficult it is to get time off from a full-time job when your horse suddenly loses a shoe or needs vaccinations. If you can't get to the yard, I am happy to assist with veterinary visits/farrier visits/Equine Dental Technician visits/Chiropractors or any other treatment your horse needs. Also, if you have a horse on box rest and you're struggling because of work commitments, I can assist, whether this is walking your horse out in hand or just keeping him/her occupied in their stable and mucking out.

Rebuilding confidence for riders/owners

I have helped a number of people rebuild lost confidence and I love nothing more than helping a rider/owner re-find their confidence and build a stronger bond with their horse. Whether you're struggling with your first horse or have lost confidence because of an accident, or anything in between, I will offer advice and assistance in a friendly, non-judgmental manner at the pace you require.

Exercising (Ridden/Lunge)

If you're struggling to keep your horse fit and need them exercised more regularly, help is here! Whether you want your horse hacked, schooled, lunged, long-reined, free schooled or anything else, if I can help then I will.

Holiday Cover

If you're planning a holiday but are worried about who will look after your horse whilst you're away, I can help you. Whether you need me to cover a weekend away or take full responsibility while you're on a 2 week holiday, you can relax, safe in the knowledge your animal is being cared for in exactly the way you would want in his/her home surroundings.

Other Animals

I often get asked if I can take care of other animals for people too, this is absolutely fine. I do not have any formal qualifications when it comes to other animals, however, I do have plenty of experience in taking care of dogs, cats, rabbits and other small household pets. I've even looked after sheep and chickens! So if this is something you require, please let me know. I understand that it is a lot easier for people to have one person looking after all of the animals rather than a horse sitter/dog sitter etc individually, so I am happy to offer this service. I can potentially live-in too if required. I regularly have dogs come to stay at home with me whilst owners are on holiday, so this is not a problem.