About Me

I grew up around horses, particularly Arabians as my cousin has bred and shown National champions, I spent a lot of my childhood around her and her horses, this ignited a passion for horses. I started riding at the age of 5, progressing to weekly lessons when I was 9 years old. I rode at a variety of riding schools, learning different skills from a range of instructors.

Throughout my teenage years I spent school holidays learning about horse care and competing on riding school ponies, mainly in show-jumping. This lead to me working on an Eventing yard at the age of 15, gaining experience with advanced level competition horses. From there I progressed, gaining my qualifications and eventually taking the plunge and buying my own horse (which has now increased to owning 3). I've dealt with a variety of veterinary issues from working with horses and from my own personal experience, including Navicular Disease, Cushings, Laminitis and broken bones, so am experienced in dealing with vets and assessing illness.

Over the years I have dealt with all different breeds of horse including Shetlands, Thoroughbreds, ISH, KWPN, Arabians, Shires, Warmbloods, Cobs, Appaloosas and everything in-between.