Selected Performances

Forthcoming untitled work (2017; 10') for amplified violin and drum set. To be performed by Mark Menzies and Justin DeHart, New Zealand, early 2018.

Fractured Laundry (2016; 9') for amplified tenor saxophone and drum set. Performed by Patchwork in Columbus, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Toronto, and London ON, April 2017.

Duo for saxophone and electric violin with percussion (2016; 7'). Performed by Andrew Kovaleski, Lane Champa and Seth Sprang at Otterbein University, April 2016.

Silver Eye (2015; 11’) for piano, electric bass and drum set. Performed by Bearthoven in Columbus and New York and at Bowling Green State and Otterbein Universities, February and March 2016.

Fanfare (2014; 10’) for flute, clarinet, saxophone and bassoon. Performed by the Columbus Ohio Discovery Ensemble, Columbus, May 2015.

Untitled (2013; 10') for solo piano. Performed by James Iman, Otterbein University, April 2014.

Three Pieces for Flute and Alto Saxophone (2013; 12'). Performed by Erin Helgeson Torres and Michael Torres in Dublin, Ohio, March 2014; Brevard Music Center, July 2014; University of West Georgia, February 2015; Muskingum University, February 2015; Kent State University, March 2015; Ohio State University, March 2016.

Osu (2012; 1') for flute and two saxophones. “Microcommission” by the Ohio State University New Music Collective. Performed by Erin Helgeson Torres, Michael Torres and Casey Grev at Ohio State University, May and June 2012.

Libya (2012; 8') for soprano and flute. Text by Herman Cain. Performed by Lucy Shelton and Matteo Cesari in San Diego, May 2012.

Still Life with Benzedrine and CNN (2012; 10') for flute, two saxophones, trumpet, trombone, two percussion, two synthesizers, two violins, viola and cello. Performed by Alarm Will Sound on the Carnegie Hall “American Mavericks” series (New York, March 2012).

The Overcoat (2010; five songs). String arrangements inspired by Xenakis and Penderecki for the self-titled rock album by the Overcoat, released April 2011.

Rarescale (2010; 9') for alto flute and piano. Performed by Carla Rees and William Fried in San Diego, February 2011.

Red Light (2009, revised 2010; 9') for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, viola and cello. Performed by Red Light Ensemble in San Diego, January 2010 and at Symphony Space, New York in September 2010.

Sixteen Sound Bites (2008; 40’) for flute, two clarinets, two percussion, piano, and string quartet. Recorded in December 2008 in San Diego as part of the requirement for completion of dissertation.

Blanks (2008; 7’) for saxophone and piano. Recorded by the Kenners in San Diego, March 2008. Rewritten for objects and piano, and performed by the composer with Ian Power in San Diego, November 2008.

Five Pieces (2007; 12’) for flute, clarinet, piano and percussion. Premiered by the Wet Ink Ensemble at Symphony Space in New York, December 2007.

Untitled (2007; 10’) for voice, strings, prepared piano, and two percussionists. Premiered with the composer singing the vocal part in San Diego, May 2007.

String Quartet (2007; 11’) recorded by the Arditti Quartet in San Diego, March 2007, and performed by Ensemble Surplus at Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Germany, August 2007.

They Couldn’t Help It (2006; 8’) for one percussionist playing two vibraphones. Premiered by Steven Schick in San Diego, November 2006 at a Red Fish Blue Fish concert and performed again in San Diego, February 2007.

Glampers (2005; 8’) for clarinet, bass clarinet, string quartet and percussion. Premiered with the composer playing viola in San Diego, October 2005.

Tether (2004/5; 8’) for prepared piano. Premiered by Mark Polesky in San Diego, January 2005. Performed by Walter Frank at Greenwich House Music School in New York, September 2005, and at Wesleyan University, Middletown CT, February 2006. Performed by Yvonne Lee at the Darmstadt Summer Courses in Germany, August 2006. Performed by David Broome at a concert of the Red Light Ensemble at Chelsea Art Museum in New York, February 2009.